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User Generated Maps » Maps - "best of five" "spiral in to control" » Go to message
Like everyone who has created a map you hope that it will become something that is fair, fun, original and played by many. However even after reading the forum and some very old posts I'm really not sure how i go about getting my maps to a rated state.
One suggestion is you post your maps in the forum...so please try "best of five" and "spiral in to control" both 1v1 maps that are perfectly symmetrical.
Testing maps is really tricky. You can't:
- play offline
- edit maps once uploaded
- start as player 2
- play any more than your max game count
- see any historical stats e.g. 2500 sap vs 1500 titan.sap lost

Also the in app level editor is very basic, just adding undo would help.

Lastly searching the many many user generated maps to see if your idea had been done before is almost impossible. I tried quite hard with spiral in to control, but I was mainly relying on text search then clicking through, very laborious! If you generated an icon for every map then you could scroll through pages of maps at a time. I think in there you could have a tinder like yes/no. At least just locally I.e. that map looks terrible never show it to me again
New Feature Request » Balance suggestions » Go to message
I have made a suggestion a while ago about having maps available online and with them stats about 1st vs 2nd and race vs race. I also posted something about a war fund.
If you have reliable stats I.e. more than 100 games played and you can alter the credits per turn (war fund) or change the starting credits for one player, then you could build in automatic levelling. E.g. on dead monk if you find that saps beat titans more than 60% - 40% then the system could add a war find of 10 credits per turn to any titan player when they played against saps. After a number of more plays if the wins loss ratio had not improved then increase by another 10.
If you find player 1 seems to have an unfair advantage increase player 2 initial credits.
I think this could fine tune almost any maps to leave them truly balanced. I don't think it would cure truly broken maps, those I'd expect to flip flop wildly as you changed the credits for one player or another. Also I don't think you should aim for a perfect 33% between races and 50% between start position (2 player) +/-5% is probably more than accurate enough.
It just depends on uniwar keeping track of the stats.
User Generated Maps » Starting tips in map-making » Go to message
Glad I'm not completely losing it, but it's a shame that' it's not possible. In which case Dragon, if you like the look of Best of Five, would you mind challenging me
General Discussion » only paid undo will work soon » Go to message
Some ideas of my own.
- Make undo remove all/some of the random unit bonus. I am getting a bonus from using undo. I should probably not also get the random unit bonus, especially as I can change the order of attack to get a kill I really shouldn't be able to.
- Make infinite undo annual. Initially give people that already have it 2 years
- If I have undo then my opponent has undo (I think someone else mentioned this)... would act as a teaser too
- Place ads in the void space on levels. Might need 3 hexes together to put a banner ad in there. Think of the billboards arround the football/soccer stadium
- Put banner ads as features on in game billboards that will get trampled by me putting a tank on it

Please don't remove infinite undo its one of the things that makes me really enjoy playing the game.
General Discussion » only paid undo will work soon » Go to message
So I've read pretty much all of this post and have not seen my opinion stated, but sorry if I'm repeating things.

First, I have bought infinite undo, because
- I kept making miss-clicks, particularly when zooming while a unit is selected
- I wanted to support the devs
- I play casually although quite frequently and don't want to spend ages staring at the board with a note pad working out all the options

I use undo lots. I probably use it between 3 and 10 times every turn (except the early turns). I wish undo was more like a text document but I wouldn't want devs to waste time on that. I feel it is unfair of people to say I'm abusing the system. I'm just trying out different moves, this is exactly the same as the many embedded planner boards on Chess and Go sites... and there are no rules I know of that say I can't try out moves on my own board in a real chess tournament (ever played a blind person? they have their own boards). The rule I know is if I touch a piece on the tournament board then I must move it, or on a site once I submit my move to my opponent then it is fixed. However because of all that infinite undo IS an advantage. My rank has gone from 1550+ to 1750+ and climbing but I feel this is because I can play to my best rather than being held back by a poor instant choices.

I generally can't be bothered to scout then undo, but if I move a marauder towards a base and find a Plasma tank there I'll probably undo and think of something else.

Some of the ideas listed are bad:
- Not revealing the fog till after I submit does not work. If I move a marauder but you don't reveal the area then I would be able to put that unit on top of another enemy unit in my second move. There are so many edge cases and hacks that would need to be put in to make fog removal after move work that it would break the game that I like.
- banner ads are bad they take up space. personally I ignore them on the rare occasions when my ad blocker does not stop them
- making me wait 20 secs before I can do something or worse making me watch an add for 20 secs will annoy me ALOT. I have other things that take up my time, I dip in and out of uniwar when I can don't waste my time when I'm there!

Personally I don't care about pretty flags or backgrounds. I play for the strategy of the game not the graphics. However as there are people that do pay for pink tanks with flowers then go for it.
General Discussion » The UniCommandments » Go to message
Thou shalt only attack a healer unit that can turn you if you know you're going to kill it.
User Generated Maps » Starting tips in map-making » Go to message
This is probably really obvious, but I can't work it out!

How do I setup a game as player 2?

I have created and uploaded my first map (Best of Five). Obviously its a completely original masterpiece and will never need updating! ...but just in case I thought I should play test it a few times, and for the life of me I can't work out how to start as player 2.
New Feature Request » Keep counting after time out » Go to message
I generally like to give people that time out a bit of extra time to move before skipping them (the red 00:00 bugs me after a while). I'd like to give people about one more day but I've no idea how long they've been timed out for. If the timer kept running when it went red I'd know how long they've been missing.
Bug Reports » Units glowing green » Go to message
I hadn't spotted the option to have a green dot instead of glowing units. I prefer that but didn't realise it was an option till I read the post on the uniwar main page.
New Feature Request » Uniwar Unleashed! » Go to message
It's a huge amount of work for the devs, then there's balancing and testing. Though it sounds interesting and I think many of these ideas could be incorporated into the current game I'd rather the primary game was worked on than any spin off game modes.

Incidentally I'd rather a fast paced game mode worked more like History Line (c64 game, which is showing my age! ). That was while I'm attacking you're moving and visa versa. Sometimes the units that you moved never made it.
New Feature Request » UPDATE - New units ! » Go to message
Yet another new unit idea

A new 2 action unit. However on each action you can either move or attack (or repair). i.e. move+move, move+attack, attack+move or attack+attack.

Could either be a match to the marauder or a new artillery type unit.
New Feature Request » Combine war report and info screen » Go to message
I often find when looking at the info screen, either from the button or from the base, that I'd like to know my credits per turn i.e. If I'm saving for a tank how much can I spend this turn.

It would be far more convenient if the war report and info screen were 2 tabs on the same screen. Ìt would also mean you could remove the info button from the game screen.

The war report/info button would open the war report as normal but you could tab to the info screen. If you selected a base then pressed info it would show the same screen but with info tab selected.
I am fairly sure it is the same screen when buying units just with different parameters passed to the function but being able to tab to the war report would be very helpful.
With tabs it would be easy to add extra info screens when there are extra teams e.g. info:titans info:sapiens

I feel a similar approach should be applied to the settings menu, I often find I go through each menu settings, account, profile when looking for a particular feature to enable/disable
New Feature Request » UPDATE - New units ! » Go to message
How about a force push unit. It pushes an enemy unit 1 hex and does it a small amount of damage. If the unit it pushes cannot move to the tile then it takes twice the damage. If the unit is blocked from moving because of another unit they both take the same small amount of damage.

Would be interesting to push units into unfavourable hexes then attack them, or push holes in tank walls to help your fast units get through to attack the artillery or weak unit behind, or push units of their base so you can get in and cap it.
Khraleans » Khral vs. Khral - How to stop Swarmer spam? » Go to message
I was wondering the exact same thing.

I have found though that it is map dependent. After being destroyed by a Swarmer storm I thought I'll try that. What I found was if the map is small and/or the credits per turn is right then Garudas can eat into the swarm before it gets going and there's nowhere for them to run and hide.

Bigger maps swarmers always seem to annihilate the Garuda player and its usually too late to change tactic.

Pinzers though are very effective unless the swarm has got really big, wish I had worked that out sooner!
Bug Reports » Units glowing green » Go to message
I agree with many here the green flashing is not as nice as the original light before dark after. However I can see it being useful for buried underlings or after you end move then cancel when there are still units to move. I.e when it's needed but not all the time
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