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Bug Reports » Drains batteries on android » Go to message
We will that in the upcoming release.
General Discussion » Starting Team » Go to message
Great! We can contribute to the prizes if the tournament happens. I m thinking about Uniwar HD gears like tshirts... We are making new and sexy ones this time for HD
User Generated Maps » Please Vote on Map editor options ! » Go to message
We are working on the options 1. All maps will be public once the player publishes them on the server. They become available in rated games once they have enough positive ratings.
New Feature Request » Removed players should alsohave their bases removed as well. » Go to message
I agree for FFA
Uniwar Team
Bug Reports » Bug in current game. Unable to end turn, always the same err » Go to message
We will have a look at these issues and we will keep you posted. FYI, we might log into your account to check what's wrong.
UniWar support Team
What's New in the Latest Updates » v1.3.2 restores RATED CUSTOM games » Go to message
- Rated CUSTOM games have been restored except against bot.
- Random games allow to select your race.
- New matching system for random games guarantees an opponent of your skill level.
- Added access to the Forum in Community.
- Added Terms Of Service section in Headquarters
- Send an invitation email to a friend to discover UniWar
- Bug fixes
- Removal of the following unbalanced maps from rated games:
What's New in the Latest Updates » v1.3.0 iPhone and Android » Go to message
Yes, one of the vote was mine for testing.
What's New in the Latest Updates » v1.3.0 iPhone and Android » Go to message
What's New in the Latest Updates » v1.3.0 iPhone and Android » Go to message
To respond to the community request to prevent cheaters, we have introduced changes to the rated games
- Rated ladder games are temporarily restricted to 1vs1 and random games.
- New ladders for Team games will be added soon.
- Rated games in 1vs1 allow to select your race but the map and the opponent are random.
- Selection of turn duration for rated games will be allowed in the near future.
- We removed unbalanced maps from rated games. You can see the list of removed maps on the forum
- New maps for rated will be added soon.
- If you surrender a rated game at the 1st round, you lose half of the game points. If you surrender at the 2nd round or later, you lose all the game points.

The consequences are:
- Setting up a custom game automatically makes it an unrated game.
- You can not join a custom rated game because only random games are rated.

We hope that these changes will bring more fairness. You are welcome to submit email feedback to support@uniwar.com
New Feature Request » N900 » Go to message
There is no plan to support Maemo at this time. Maybe in the future. For now, we recommend an iPhone or Android phone. Soon a web version will come...

-= The UniWar Team =-
General Discussion » Veterancy? » Go to message
It's absolutely not based on luck nor randomness. Each unit gains veterancy/experience points when killing an enemy unit, proportionally to the cost of enemy unit and to its unit points before the killing.

-= The UniWar Team =-
General Discussion » List of Playable Maps » Go to message
Thank you for all the feedback. We will publish the statistics of all games very soon. This should help understand which maps are unbalanced and with which races.
-= The UniWar Team =-
Technical Support Questions » changing account associated with iphone » Go to message
The version 1.0.6 had a bug on iPad that sometimes prevents to change the password. Just quit the app and retry, it should fix it. To always avoid that problem, simply install the update v1.2.1 which never have this issue.
How to make the uniwar.com website better » Some ideas for uniwar [poll]. » Go to message
MasonC, thank you very much for your suggestions.

1) We will add an option so that you can ask a minimum player level to join the open game that you have created.
2) The random game matching algorithm will be changed and will be much better. This is coming in the next update 1.2.2
3) I can not discuss it here.
4) Ok, We will add a link to the forum in the community.

The UniWar Team
General Discussion » Is anyone from uniwar watching these forums? » Go to message
Your issue is being investigated. Thank you for reporting it. If you want you can also contact us directly at


The UniWar Team
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