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New Feature Request » Stats » Go to message
  Xenai wrote:
-Race Specific Stats: ...
-Average Rank of Opponent: ...
-Win %: ...
-Record Last 10 Games:...

Thank you for your excellent suggestions. We will add the Win% and the race specific stats. The last 20 recorded games will be available through the replay coming soon.
What's New in the Latest Updates » v1.2.1 for Android and iPhone (waiting AppStore approval) » Go to message
What's New in this Version:
- Damage preview for both units before attacking.
- Country flag shown for each player, customizable in your 'Headquarters' under 'My account'.
- Team chat messages texts are colorized using the player color for easier identification of your friends and enemies.
- Race icons added to most screens.
- Many more improvements and numerous bug fixes.

Android Release date: Thursday November 18, 2010
iPhone Submission date: Friday November 19, 2010

Forum Index Profile for xavi »» Messages posted by xavi
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