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New Feature Request » Things to do when a FFA player resigns » Go to message
Agree it's a good idea
General Discussion » Balance seems a bit off in favour of bugs » Go to message
I think the game balance now is as its best since it was born.
We can argue that Uniwar reach the absolute balance now.

Previously I would say kharl beat titan, titan beat sap, and sap beat kharl in general.
Today it seem to depend on maps. But in general, very well balanced.

Any balance adjustment from this point, you have to be very cautious.

For the balance team.
I suggest you mark the current unit stats distinctively form previous versions.
So in the future, if you make some balance adjustments and get lost.
You'll know where to return.
New Feature Request » You should fake real players with bots » Go to message
If you known it's bot, just deliver one fine plaque then you win.
Bot never do something with an epidemic.
Also marching support units to convert them all is really good.

But I never play against bots for years. Maybe they're improved now.
Titans » Eclipse: When & when not to Teleport...? » Go to message
That's correct. Blind spots in the close proximity are almost no exist in this game.
It's good to assume that enemies can see your eclipses during teleport.
So place them behind the line of your active soldiers.
General Discussion » Titan need their plasma tank improved. » Go to message
I agree with Pento slow movement is not a titan’s characteristic anymore.
Titan are slow. But in the term of their attack, not their movement.
Since they need a lot of money & time to build a proper offense.

If I have to choose either keeping plasma tank's 1 repair or keeping its 6 speed,
I think keeping its 1 repair is the better way to preserve its titan style.

If plasma tank has 2 repair, the overall repairability of titan will become almost the same as sapien.
And +1 repair alone is likely to be a too much buff.

While increasing plasma tank speed from 6 to 7 , it still slightly slower than pinzer & tank.
Titans » Eclipse: When & when not to Teleport...? » Go to message
Teleport eclipses to the save spots near the frontline.
Don't teleport them rigth in the middle of flying bullets as we usually do with mecha.

Wait until they're cool down. And march them to the battlefield.
General Discussion » Titan need their plasma tank improved. » Go to message
@Impaler. Thanks for opinions. I agree that if we want to buff plasma tank, we should do it just a little.

As I still remember the old days when my army stood against the impregnable wall of plasma tanks & walkers.
And there’s nothing I could do except waiting for a long boring cold & bitter defeat.

Actually, it’s better those previous days are gone now.
Only titan & plasma tank become a little too weak.

@ Wookie's idea. It also should fix the plasma tank.
But I think we can fix it without adding a more parameter to the game that is already complex.
General Discussion » Titan need their plasma tank improved. » Go to message
Those ideas should be fine. Thanks for response.
General Discussion » Titan need their plasma tank improved. » Go to message
Since the born of blasters, it seems like titan have a difficult time more than the other 2 races.
Especially in small maps it very hard for titan to win.
Unless you’re so obviously have a superior skill compare to your enemy.

And when look at the whole titan arsenal.
I think the unit that become problem is the plasma tank.
Because of blaster’s armor piercing bullets.
They make the plasma tank’s highest defense meaningless.

So I suggest change to plasma tank that should improve balance of the whole Uniwar.

1) Increase plasma tank’s mobility form 6 to 7.
Reason : this should improve its movement across sand or base.
While it still preserve its characteristic of slow but strong.
Since with 7 mobility it’s still slightly slower than tanks of the other 2 races.

2) +1 its attack stat. against ground heavy(11 to 12), ground light(10 to 11) and amphibian(10 to 11).
Reason : enable plasma tank to deal more damage to enemies.
Despite it may lose some HP from blaster’s shot.

Note that I don’t like solving this problem by increase plasma tank’s defense.
Since by doing that blasters will be the only practical way to kill plasma tank.

Nor to the idea of increasing plasma tank repair from 1 to 2.
Although it has a potential to solve this problem.
But it will make tanks of all races become identical.
Destroy the different styles of each race.
General Discussion » Spookyhouse devs Q and A » Go to message
In short this game has a potential to be a StarCraft cellphone version.
And a Da Vinci 's quote “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" is true for this game.
There's a great value in this game UniWar.
Please take a great care of it.
Make it like chess, simple but can be played for millenniums and still be playing.
Sapiens » Can shutdown mecha complete a base capture? » Go to message
It will succeed in capturing your base despite being under EMP. You need to kill it by whatever method.
New Feature Request » Submarine defenses » Go to message
  Redfog wrote:I personally like the rock-paper-scissor mechanic idea although it doesn't really fit the amphibious unit type of style. However I feel like the submarine should be the most efficient way of getting rid of subs. It just doesn't feel right that it's easy to reactively get rid of subs by building amphibious units rather than playing proactively and building some submersible units in anticipation of opposing subs. ...

Then how about making amphibian's anti-submarine weapons an area-effected instead ?

Let's say, amphibians & battleships can drop underwater bombs.

Because they can't locate submarines precisely, they just drop the bomb below them.
That bomb will do 1hp damage to any submarines within range of 2,
regardless they're enemies or friends.

This ability doesn't require cooldown. It's just another type of weapon they can choose.

Then this bomb can't do much harm to any single submarine.
Submarine is still the best way to fight an enemy's approaching submarine.

But whenever you enemies are brainlessy spamming submarines,
you can send amphibians to cripple massive number of their subs.

This mechanic allow players to build some amount of submarines around.
But not too much of them. At least not to the point they're crowding together.

I suggest battleships should equipped with this bomb too.

Since it's must be really strange if a small amphibian have this weapon while an entire capital ship haven't.

I'm sure players will still use mainly amphibians for this purpose, since they're much cheaper.
New Feature Request » Submarine defenses » Go to message
Absolutely agree. It's a necessary.
Otherwise players will prone to spam huge number of submarine.

And after one player can win the submarine war, he can do anything he want on the sea.
That make the naval war boring.

I like the idea Duneski suggested in another post that submarine should beat battleship, battleship beat amphibian and amphibian beat submarine.

The rock-paper-scissor mechanic will always auto-regulate types of naval unit to build.

And able to use amphibians to counter submarines give a chance for players to take the sea back from inland.

I think amphibian and battleship should be able to fire weakly at the diving submarines.
Perhap making just 1-3 hp damage with a close attack range of 1.
They can't see the hp of submarine, just know how many damage they can deal.

Amphibians should be the main answer to submarines.
But battleships should have some weak anti-submarine too.
It must be strange if a huge whole battleship doesn't have any single equipment to deal with submarines.
And amphibians will still be the main force against submarines due to their cost-effectiveness.
Bug Reports » Submersible units not properly benefitting from gangup » Go to message
Since now we have exactly 3 naval units, it's good to balance then in a rock-scissor-paper pattern.

I agree with the previous post that amphibians should beat battleships, submarines beat amphibians and battleships beat submarines.

Then all types of naval units will never be overpowered.

If submarines are so powerful that one player build a massive army of them,
another player will start building battleships to counter.
And the auto-regulated mechanism always go on.

I think it’s also good to add artilleries an ability to shoot at submarines to improve they’re being underpowered.
But artilleries shouldn’t be counted as the main force to deal with submarines.

Because artilleries and submarines are in the different plain.
There will be situations when enemy’s submarines are offending you,
but you can’t send any artillery to check them.

Using other naval units to counter submarines is better since they are on the same plain.
Then you should almost always able to bring other naval units to deal with submarines
General Discussion » Tank Buster Unit Assessment Request » Go to message
  simsverd wrote:@WormDog
Here is the post about balance changes : http://forum.uniwar.com/posts/list/2879.page

Passive healing means that the unit would get +1 (or +2) at the start of a turn. It would not not be affected by nearby healers or healing pad (othervise it would be OP)

That's a brilliant idea to increase tanks usefullness !
Sure it require additional coding. But I think it should be a simple one.
Jusy +1hp to all current player's tanks before the player start his turn. Regardless of support unit or heal pad.

It's just the right fix. Increase tanks's endurance in the frontline. While not become too strong against non-blaster units.
Also it's not increase complexity to the users. Since they don't have to do anything. The repair is automatic.

Other options I think it's OK to help tanks are either increasing their mobility or reducing their cost.

Just don't increase tank's defence or increasing their repair rate.
Those things will make tanks become overpowered again.
Then blasters will be the only option left to kill tanks.

About blasters. They're still overpowered now.
And their anti-tank are really too strong.
Now 2 gardian in the forest/mountain can kill 10hp tank. That seem like tanks are made from plastic.
I think we should reduce their % armor piercing against tank.
Since by decrease its % armor piercing you can also make plasma tank high defence become prominence against other tanks again.

And blasters should have some weakness. I think they should be weak against aerial & light infantries.
Their anti-air should be reduced a lot.
They should have no armor piercing against amphibians or infantries.
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