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With respect, all your statements are based literally on your imagination and a mere impulse to contradict others rather than even a little bit of possible actual situation. Have you ever thought over why the devs set the function of skipping? No I suppose. When you are saying "put others' happiness in line with your own", did you know what it feels like when, say, someone deliberately delays, causing meaningless drain on your time and energy? Still no I suppose. Moral requires us to be responsible for both others and ourselves, instead of benefiting either while impairing the other without any principle. Also, moral is what we should bear when we ACT, rather than something distorted and put up as a flag to make high-sounding, aggressive but deficient arguments, since people would feel antipathy in the other way. So I suggest we put down the argument right here since both you and me have made ourselves clear. Wish you have had fun here.
General Discussion » Skipping players in tournaments » Go to message
I agree with most of you.
Note that when every one of us participate a tourney, it means and shows other participants that we are ready to follow the rule and take the consequences. Yes, there could be various matters that make a participant can't move in time, but the fact is that the time is expired and the others get the initiative to skip by the rule, and they don't know and are not required by the rule to know what has caused the delay. Can you be 100% sure that the delayer is encountering an emergency instead of lacking the capacity managing his time for daily life or delaying on purpose? If you can't, then don't confuse the fact with a simple assumption. So that is why people need a request, a reason to wait for a while from the delayer so as not to be likely to skip. When nothing is heard, if one doesn't skip, that is an action of kindness; if he skips, it is nothing to blame, just an action made by observing the rule.
Everyone has his choice and the vision of how they would like the game to be. Don't make your comments on this matter moral abduction.
General Discussion » Suggestion on purchase history page » Go to message
Hooray! This has already been fixed in 1.9.9. Thx, devs!
中文讨论区 » 我的魂族设想(Chinese play CHN.RKDTG one about race the thought » Go to message
General Discussion » A small mistake in Campaign » Go to message
  simsverd wrote:It shows "congratulations" for first time doing a mission - failing or winning... its congratulation you get 15 unicoins as reward..

I dont know if it is by design that you get it even if you fail the mission..
I tested and you only get it once... if you win the mission later you get no reward

It is not likely designed but may be some sort of clash between the msgs of game result and reward result. But no matter what, that has brought about a pinch of confusion for some players. You don't expect to receive congratulation when you fail something, haha.
General Discussion » A small mistake in Campaign » Go to message
One of my fellows have just found a mistake in the Campaign. When you are defeated, the result window shows "Congratulations". Dear devs, plz fix that, thx.
The version is 1.10.1
General Discussion » Further interpretation on chn zero’s previous post » Go to message
Chn zero's last post on his suggestions on improving the balance of the units has received hot discussion. However, by reading the replies, he thinks that he still needs to further interpret his ideas to make them clearer and better understood especially by the devs for a possibility to make some adjustment to the units he mentioned. And I have been authorized to post his further ideas here. I am just interpreting here, not posting my own standings and opinions.
The link of chn zero's previous post:

1. For a certain unit, its value or strength is not always indicated by the frequency that it is used. Sometimes you just HAVE TO use that unit a lot or you can't win a certain game at all, which means that the unit is more of necessity. For example, in SvS in maps where there is vast plains, we tend to use a lot of marauders than helicopters, but can we say a single marauder is stronger than a single helicopter? The answer is certainly no.
2. Also, we can't regard a unit as weak solely for the reason that it is not frequently used. For example, guardian. We seldom see this unit being mass produced. However, we can see guardians in most SvT and TvT. Though the number of guardians is rather small, they are mostly the decisive forces in the battles, like the cherry on the top of an ice-cream.
3. If a unit is hardly ever used in games between veterans, then this unit must be, to some extent, a chicken rib. For example, the battery. Zero believes that this unit needs remaking but still being different from walker and wyrm and here is his suggestion: reducing the range of battery to 2-3 and the atk vs aerial to 10, giving it both atk after move(AAM) and MAA, while rising the price to 700.
4. There is an ever existing problem in solo games that when the map is large and the bases of the opponents are faraway from each other's, while S and K are possible to beat each other, there is neither chance for S to beat T nor T to beat K. There should be some measures taken to solve this problem. So zero's idea to make some adjustment to helicopter and mecha is mainly aimed at point 3 and point 4. Even if those two units are not being adjusted, there should be some adjustment made to battery to grant S some chance winning T on large maps. Meanwhile, T should be given some strength to deal with mass buried underlings to stand a chance while fighting against K in large maps.
General Discussion » Earth Gamble 800 Unicoin Prize! » Go to message
This is kmx636 reporting. Applying for a position.
4, 4, 4! Gimme 4!
中文讨论区 » 对官方建议专用帖(中文玩家请进)Suggestions to the official (for CHN players » Go to message
And here you can be directed to a thread by one of the Chinese veteran players, chn zero, on his insight and suggestions on new units. FYI

中文讨论区 » 对官方建议专用帖(中文玩家请进)Suggestions to the official (for CHN players » Go to message
After discussing with the official, in order to respond their request, I list the suggestions that are most frequently put forward by Chinese player community as well as those of mine to the official here in this thread for the official members to inspect and reply. You are welcome to add more suggestions in this thread.

1.是否能增设更多购买油泥币的渠道,如支付宝、微信支付? Is it possible to add more approaches to purchase unicoins, such as Alipay and WeChat?
2.是否能将简体中文、繁体中文聊天室合二为一成为中文聊天室? Is it possible to merge simplified Chinese chat and traditional Chinese chat as one "Chinese chat"?——已解决Solved
3.是否能将购买记录按照日期由近及远的顺序排列? Is it possible to list the history of purchases with an order that the most recent one is at the top, followed by earlier ones? ——已解决Solved
4.是否可以不发送来自被我屏蔽的玩家的@我的消息?Is it possible to prevent the push notification to send me the messages, where they notify me, from the players I muted?

欢迎继续补充。Welcome to add more to the above.
Please try as much as you can to write both Chinese and English when you post your reply with your suggestions. If you have difficulty in expressing in English, I would translate for you in time.
General Discussion » upcoming balance changes April » Go to message
  Pento wrote:There won't be any changes to the guardian?
Come on guys, there should be at least one basic unit that can handle it easily, like with all the other units.

Every unit has a counter part, except the guardian.

ANYTHING that has a lower price or a longer range than it is its counter, believe it or not. Shorter range, higher price and inability to repair make guardian a unit that you need to consider extremely carefully before you build one.
User Generated Maps » Guide To Building Maps » Go to message
About the number of votes:
Actually, the number of votes doesn't equal to the number of TIME of votes. For example, a vote(time) by a 2500+ player worths 10 votes(number) and the number of votes reduces by 1 per vote for every 100 reduction of the threshold of the score, which means a vote by a 2400+ player worths 9 votes, 2300+ for 8 votes and so on. So the preferences of high level players apply much effect to the rating of your map.
General Discussion » upcoming balance changes April » Go to message
Personally, I have always been a protester to any change in the name of balance, but always got used to them in the end. Who knows how the new changes will affect the game? Just observing.
General Discussion » Get guardian repaired...someday? » Go to message
  wookieontheweb wrote:
  dr. pepper wrote:
  wookieontheweb wrote:I've said it before and I still think guardians are more interesting without heal.

Why? I'm curious to see the direction devs take on the blasters. Sounds like more nerfs are coming for the Guardian and one for the Borfly. The Borfly would be great if Khraleans could protect them.

Because the guardian is the only unit that can't heal. That makes it special and means it is not just a variant of other units e.g. halfway between an speeder and an eclipse. It makes you more resourceful when thinking what to do with a 2 health guardian. There's no point retreating it to heal so what are you going to do with it? Cap, blocker, gangup, decoy.

I think the complaints about the guardian being too powerful are still true though and I'd like to see it be far more vulnerable to GL or more exactly be able to damage GL far less. Its a tank buster so should be easily taken down by ground units.

Maybe the guardian's health should ONLY be shown to its owner. That would give the ability to run away and then re-appear with friends and be a useful decoy.

Hiding guardian's health point from enemy is a creative idea, but doesn't make much difference while one can still use undo to detect which one is real and which one is decoy. Nothing much different from revealing FoW with undo.
General Discussion » Get guardian repaired...someday? » Go to message
  LkASr wrote:I got an idea, why not have it with repairable with .50, in turn it can't repair by itself (and with other units that have the repair rate of less than 1)

Good point. What I am getting at is giving guardian very limited ability to be repaired, with each assimilator and medibase ADDING to its repair rate rather than MULTIPLYING, which could make the repair rate grow in a much more slow pace while there are multiple assimilators beside... Not exactly like what Duaneski said.
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