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Messages posted by: wumbodin
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User Generated Maps » Map Contest II Voting Booth » Go to message
I vote ticket 11, those one piece of art

Anyway ticket 10 make me nervous with those un mirrored bridge.
General Discussion » watch-ad-before-build-unit-you-dont-own is a little delayed » Go to message
Any idea about giving free access about it on ranked gameplay? Its already done in tourney. And maybe count it as free event try new unit.
User Generated Maps » Map Contest! » Go to message
Ticket three has awesome concept i will vote it
New Feature Request » Career / custom army mode » Go to message
  Duaneski wrote:
  LkASr wrote:
  Duaneski wrote:im gonna say my dream team is:


Yeah, that's ten units. But according to the OP, that's OK

If I had to drop two, I would drop the situational Bopper, and the helicopter.

you can't have Mecha IIs with Assimilators (that coverts Cyber Underlings)

Yea I can :p

You just said that i can't have my bopper but you can have mecha II and cyber underling. I know you like robots but that is too much for your wild fantasy.
New Feature Request » new idea about features and mode » Go to message
  mistercreepy wrote:We already have that, the basement is captained by moose and duaneski.

Who is the first mate? And is the basement had a war before?
New Feature Request » Career / custom army mode » Go to message
When can i choose my bopper??
Bug Reports » Browse maps » Go to message
  wookieontheweb wrote:The search feature in browse maps is not working.

It works for the first screen only.
Once you select different size, players etc then the list returned is always empty regardless of the search text.

Also the search dialog is titled send. Can you change it to search if you're in that area.

Android 1.9.83

The issue is you need to always hit search every time after you change the size or player.
New Feature Request » Requesting 3 Features, mainly for offline users. » Go to message
  Hiraga wrote:ah, i actually want tomake suggestion for bluetooth or local wifi client-server... but looks like already exist thread that suggest that

i on.... i't really cool if i want play with my nearby friend without online... because internet on my side is unreliable..... [usually get network error]

You realise that this thread is 7 years ago right.
General Discussion » Can't create ranked match and none to join » Go to message
  T777 wrote:There is a message in chat that says, "The game has been forced to unrated because teams are not persistent." Why can't this be flagged before the game is created? And I see no option to select persistent teams.

This issue happen because the first player that joining your team game is not in team with the second player that joining. I suggest you simply create duo random that will be easy. If you still want to play custom ranked then always checking your enemy before starting if they not in the same team than kick them.
General Discussion » Uniwar RNG, Show Your Ridiculous Moments » Go to message
Its not so crazy with Tank Buster around.
General Discussion » Gentlemen's Lounge: The FFA Talk House » Go to message
  LkASr wrote:happy new year everyone

Happy New Year
General Discussion » Complaint about Permitting Random Games » Go to message
  Hiraga wrote:
  simsverd wrote:you have toplay them or peace with the other players.. seems that they have started

2 game. 1 played, 1 get skipped[not doing anything].too lazy

You should try to tell your enemy about that. And ask peace.
New Feature Request » Reject function and Friendly match mode » Go to message
  Hiraga wrote:
  STNsteelix wrote:
  Hiraga wrote:i really want someone who reject "peace offer" have great loss when defeated....

Well, any defeated or kicked player will lose points and the winner will still get points.

So if they rejected "peace", if they lose, they still lose points and winner still gain points

hmmm,nothing more? because if someone reject "peace offer" they must have more great deal.... so why not make they more lose than usually.....

The think is what if someone abuse it. They will send peace offer every game. And if he win he get more point.
New Feature Request » New unit translation. » Go to message
You should ask them to put your name into translator site.
New Feature Request » Fix description of swarmer. » Go to message
  Selexcis wrote:Currently says least expensive flying unit. This will need to change when Borfly is officially released

You are right
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