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Bug Reports » Bug bounty: find a new bug and receive uni-coins » Go to message
Killing a converted units, e.g. cyberunderling, Mecha2, infectedmarine, does not give XP to killing unit.

Verified with cyberunderling and Mecha2, in ranked game and map editor.

Version 1.14.10
Guides & Tips » The deadly lure of cities » Go to message
It's also worth considering how much money the city is worth. If the city is only 25/turn, then it's bad for any unit that might get hurt holding it. If the cities are worth 75/turn, risking an infantry is often worth it, especially if it costs the enemy more than you're losing - if the unit is full health, it will take 2 units to kill it even though it's on a city.

I'm generally for holding cities, but you want to guard them too.
General Discussion » UniWar damage calculation » Go to message
Ok, thanks for the clarification. So it's something like floor(100*rand()). So then 50% is really 50% and we can all continue to be happy. That's good. So there will be no problems with speeder vs engineer because R will never be 100, only 99 at most.

And in that case, I think the continuous distribution function will be identical to the discrete.
General Discussion » UniWar damage calculation » Go to message
Pashaka recently enlightened the community about the update to the damage calculation to use 12 rolls per health, narrowing the damage range and making it less random.

I discussed the details with him and this is how he said damage is calculated:

Success chance = 50 + 5 * [ (attack + terrain bonus) - (1 - AP%)(defense + terrain bonus)]

Success chance is then truncated to an integer between 0 and 100.

Then random integers 0 to 100 are compared to success chance and if they are less (but not equal) then the roll counts.

Finally, rolls/12 gives damage (any fractional damage is discarded)

I'm not an expert comparing discrete and continuous probabilities, but it seems like continuous probability functions are fine to use (e.g. binomial distribution), but might need a slight modification to give the same results. Since the actual calculation is random integers and the comparison is "less than" and not "less than or equal to" then % chance should be divided by 1.01.

For example, if the chance is 50, then there are 50 numbers that give success (0 to 49), but 51 that give failure (50 to 100). So the probability to use for continuous would be 49.5.

The one question i still have for Pashaka is about cases where the random number is 100, it seems like it would fail even when it should give success (e.g. speeder vs bopper on even terrain). I'll update with his reply if he doesn't post it here himself.
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Red rools
New Feature Request » Replace surrendering players with bots » Go to message
Please. This would be a large quality of life improvement for the game. And, to me, it seems like a simple change to implement.

Maybe it would be disabled for games with players less than 1500, but I think most players with a few games played can beat bots, so it wouldn't be an unfair advantage ever.
Technical Support Questions » Clarify Resurface Bonus Attack » Go to message
Underlings get +4. With terrain and gangup, they can be truly fearsome
Bug Reports » Bug bounty: find a new bug and receive uni-coins » Go to message
  Objector wrote:
Steps to reproduce : no idea, could not make it happen again.
I opened the app through a "my turn to play" push notification, zoomed out, with two fingers, and got this weird view where all UI was gone and every graphical asset (I mean tiles and unit, not the UI graphics) were all stacked in the upper left corner of the screen with a Speeder on top. All i could do was zoom out or in, making the pile of sprites in the corner smaller or bigger.

This has happened to me to. I thought it was an issue with my device, so I didn't report it. For me there was a transition phase where the screen was showing the same graphics many times, just offset slightly. Once that phase is done, everything is black except the border menu and the single hex. I also use my phone in portrait mode. I stopped the problem by going back to the UniWar main menu and opening the game again.

I'm also on Android.
Bug Reports » Submersible units not properly benefitting from gangup » Go to message
I like all the discussion.

To flesh out one of Duaneski's ideas: Having a submersed time limit and a corresponding cooldown would allow some neat mechanics between the races:

Maybe the kraken, since it's a creature adapted to the seas, can move and dive/resurface, but only stay under a short time (maybe 2 turns?) And has a short cooldown.

The skimmer looks like a shark, so maybe it can have a move and resurface (but not move and dive) and is able to stay under for 3-4 turns and gets a resurface attack bonus (at range 1 only) like the underling.

The submarine is made for bombardment, so maybe it has a long time it can stay under to bombard (~5 turns), but must be stationary to dive or resurface. When it resurfaces, it would have a long cooldown before diving again.

Perhaps cooldown for all units could raise the time they spent under water.

And like Duaneski said, if this is used, it doesn't need to be the only solution.
Bug Reports » Bug bounty: find a new bug and receive uni-coins » Go to message

Game version: 1.12.4
Device: Motorola G4
Device OS: Android

Summary of new bugs from my post:
* After a submerged unit attacks, the gangup bonuses is always +1. I think this is so-so if the unit can't counter attack. But if the attack is at range 1 and both units are submerged, it should count as a normal close ranged attack.
* .
* Submerged units cannot move on reef, maybe intended?
* The attack range for submerged units is technically wrong. It's listed as 1-2, but it's actually 0-2. They can attack from underneath another unit.

Edit: fixed link
Edit: removed "bug" that was already discussed in the update thread.
Bug Reports » Submersible units not properly benefitting from gangup » Go to message
Some other oddities:

* Submarines are immune to plague.
* Submersible and amphibious units cannot be attacked by a submerged kraken or skimmer while they are on the bridge tile.
* Submerged units cannot move on coral, maybe intended?
* The attack range for submerged units is technically wrong. It's listed as 1-2, but it's actually 0-2. They can attack from underneath another unit. (Future unit idea if this game keeps getting more complicated: stealth units that can sneak and stay in the shadows. They can occupy the same tile as an enemy unit and only have attack range 0 while stealth.)
* Submerged kraken is tiny. It looks puny and weak. Can you increase its size by ~20%? I think that would look better.

Right now submersible units seem a bit un-counterable. They should always stay submerged and only other submerged units can hurt them. This leads to one side achieving underwater dominance and then the other team cannot use the water and that team can surface some of the units to be artillery, or for Khraleans, just bonk anyone on the shore line.

What I see is this:
* If SvT, skimmers just rip the submarines to shreds. Then skimmers can bombard.
* If TvK: krakens destroy skimmers and then Khraleans build leviathans and borfly to capitalize on the naval supremacy.
* If KvS, same as above, basically.
Bug Reports » Submersible units not properly benefitting from gangup » Go to message
After more testing, I can confirm that an attack from a submerged unit only gives a +1 bonus no matter what distance it attacks from.

So while this isn't how things have been before, but it makes sense in a way, since they're on a different plane, they always count as a ranged attack.

However, one problem I have with this, intentional or not, is that when both units are submerged, you should be able to get normal gangup: especially with the kraken (my testing has been limited to the submarine so far).
Bug Reports » Submersible units not properly benefitting from gangup » Go to message
I've tried multiple times to make sure it isn't a quirk of the random number generator. After attacking a submerged skimmer with a submarine, the next attack does usually do more damage, but the different attack directions don't give the +1,2,3 they are supposed to. It seems like everything is +2 except the close ranged +3 spot still might work. The long range +3 doesn't work and there is no +1 from what I can tell.

I'm not certain if my guessed bonuses are correct, but I know they aren't the normal bonuses.
Bug Reports » Able to see enemy buried underling's health » Go to message
On the latest beta from Google play 1.12.4 the health of revealed enemy underlings is shown.
General Discussion » The Random Damage Factor » Go to message
  defacto wrote:
  scaine wrote: Uniwar, is great, but Advance Wars is the daddy. Troop transport, special powers, submarines, multiple air units, and a capture system based on unit strength. The daddy. Did it use random damage? No, it did not.

While it didn't use the same kind of randomness I believe there was a small amount when rounding. When I find my copy of days of ruin ill test it out.

defacto is right, there was a random factor and rounding. UniWar always rounds down and uses 6 rolls per health point. I'm not sure how advance wars random factor works, but it probably has ~10 and probably rounds normally instead of always down like UniWar. This makes it much more reliable, but not 100%. It even has a CO with a trait that increases the random factor, Sonja.

I agree, AdvanceWars was awesome, but I don't think it was as tactical as UniWar. It had deeper strategy with it's troop transports and helicopter carrying cruisers, many weapon types and armor types, etc. It was cool. But it's multiplayer wasn't there.
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