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1) ash plain
K can grab base early. S can block yellow bottom base easily (unless yellow is K perhaps)

3) havoc pit / havoc pit tourney
Does it make sense to have more than 1 version of any map, esp with only subtle changes. W the massive variety of maps... Just doesn't make sense to me

2) blackout2
Player 2 gets an extra 800 credits?

2) wiking
Player 2 starts w 375 credits, player 1 starts with 0 credits? Why not flip it? I don't get it... Just a waisted turn one.

1) salt lakes
K has a large advantage in going after early bases, getting two in turn one versus one for other races. Also able to cap far base earlier.

That's all I got through today... I'll finish up the oasis tile set, then start on original tile sometime.
General Discussion » Broken Ranked maps » Go to message
I'm working through all of the non-regular map tile type ranked 2 player maps.

If anyone wants to start on the regular tile maps that would be awesome, but eventually I will get to them.

General Discussion » Broken Ranked maps » Go to message
Went through most of the frozen maps, and all of the Mars type ones, here's what I've got:

1) AlienPlanetColonization

Again, love this map, but K can cap the far base a turn earlier than S/T

2) FrozenTundra
Extra 750 credits for player 2

2) Klondike
Extra 750, BUT starting credits is 625 so the difference in starting credits is at least lessened.

1) Trojanhat
T takes an extra turn to cap the base

I'll keep looking...
General Discussion » Broken Ranked maps » Go to message
1) themorningafterpad

I like this map, but it does take T an extra turn to capture the corner base. I don't know if that means it shouldn't be ranked. But I think it would make sense to move an infantry piece onto the dunes next to the corner base to repair that discrepancy.
General Discussion » Broken Ranked maps » Go to message
I wanted somewhere to post when I find a map perceived as 'unfair'

This can come in a number of flavors, but in general:

1) advantage to K or S in being able to capture a base a turn or more earlier than T due to mobility.

2) too many bases owned at the start of the game lead to give player 2 an overwhelming credit advantage early in the game.

3) other. Please specify

So please write the number ) map name

Aaaaand first submission:

2) ZemlyaBezRadosti

Plenty cool map. But when player two gets an extra 750 credits, seems a bit insane to me.
General Discussion » First impression » Go to message
Welcome to the game! As Sims says above, you should get to 1700 quickly if you want to play any un ranked games with me feel free to send an invite
New Feature Request » UPDATE - New units ! » Go to message
3-5 to further accentuate its place as an artillery piece. It can still retreat and shoot during its turn... But anything with a range of 5 needs serious draw backs is what I was thinking. Especially if it can still move and shoot in the same turn.
New Feature Request » UPDATE - New units ! » Go to message
I know I'm very late to this.... But reading your OP, I think it would make sense to rebalance the current naval units, and add in additional naval units. I think making the current naval units the Battleship type unit (big cost, big stats, bombard land type abilities) and making the new units come into either:
Naval or air superiority (skimmer)
ability based unit (a la hovercraft or salamander from your post)

I would propose:
Leviathan: change range to 1-4. Increase cost. Decrease speed.
Destroyer: change range to 1-4. Decrease speed. decrease damage by about 30-40%. but it gets a second attack. Maybe increase cost by 50, make this the battleship unit.
Hydronaut: change range to 3-5. Decrease speed. Possibly decrease damage to GH.. Reduce cost to 700, make this a floating walker basically.

Then you would have water superiority vessels priced in the 300-500 range, and ability based units for base capturing and general harrier-ing in the 150-350 range.

That's my thought I think that leads to two things: more complex naval maps for the maps which support it, and gives better range for naval artillery units to affect ground battles for maps where there is for some reason a port available but minimal water space

Thx for reading
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I currently can not login as well
Technical Support Questions » can't get in app » Go to message
Aaaand now it is working
Technical Support Questions » can't get in app » Go to message
I am getting a network error, unable to access App. I am on iOS
General Discussion » Unit BALANCE changes applied on 2015-11-25 » Go to message
I haven't had a chance to play a kvs game yet... But my question is: are swarmers useful as a support piece at all? Post nerf it seems clear they can't be used as a majority piece as they previously were (maybe Garuda is taking that spot?) .. But, if that's what they're gonna be reduced to, then I think a cost reduction might be appropriate. If they stayed the same and cost 200 or 225, I imagine we could all sign off on that? I think personally I would prefer that than a return to their previous stats, I felt like that's all people built in games I played!
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