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New Feature Request » New Race Idea: Pyreans, Masters of Land and Air » Go to message
  LkASr wrote:Unit Information: Pyrrior

Cost: 100
Mobility: 9 11
Vision: 5 3
Type: Ground Light


-Ground Light: 7 6
-Ground Heavy: 4 3
-Aerial: 4 0
-Aquatic: 3 2

Attack Range: 1

Defense: 4 5

Attack after move: yes
Repair: +1
Action/Turn: 1
Special Ability: Flight (can move like an aerial unit)

This unit can dish out all the damage, but at a cost of defense, which is succeptible against units with anti-personnel capabilities, but its wings and high vision can bring itself back to safety. Use this unit in a group to deal greater damage against unprepared enemies.

I put the underlings stats next to your stats for comparison sake. I don't believe your unit is balanced given the advantage of flight ... Maybe losing another point in defense, or not having as good of terrain bonuses? Tho it can't bury.. I just think the stats may be a bit high. But that could change depending on what the rest of your race brings to the table
New Feature Request » New race idea (Phasing Race) *updated 2/25 » Go to message
  Apercent wrote:I miss understood you there. I thought that the motherships repulsor shield only effected the mothership. Well I still think it might be a bit over priced. I like the unit structure, yes, but if I used a walker to deal 5-7 damage I could count on receiving 3 back at best. I feel like it needs something more to it, I think building infantry fills that hole. I think that you should still have to pay for the infantry. Or maybe it can support its own personal drones that deploy from the ship, and every time a piece of the ship is destroyed so is a drone.....

If you give the balls too much G.L, they will be used instead of the original infantry. They are cheaper and faster. I think that the infantry should also get more mobility. I mean, not like 12 or anything dramatic, maybe 11. It does cost 175 after all, it deserves to be a little superior to other infantry.

I actually did give the infantry the charge ability, so 1/4 turns they will have a 12 mobility, and a better attack than their stats say. They are def a useful piece, buuuut given their lack of ZoC and cost, this race still needs something a little closer to an infantry unit. I think a 150 flying orb can be that.

I want the orbs to go about -4/-7 against mechas and marines. . Maybe -3/-5, but somewhere in that range.

As for the walker thing:
Walkers have 5 defense and 10 GH attack. So the repulsor shield would actually deal 5 damage back on average.... Which is a pretty significant sum I think we can agree
New Feature Request » New race idea (Phasing Race) *updated 2/25 » Go to message
Having one turn where 2-5 of your units deal damage when attacked is probably as good as UV, at least comparable imo..

Maybe the unit building would be good. I'm torn lol. Realized it needed more mobility. And its main function is repair. So having to pay for an extra ability just seemed unnecessary.

Rippers may be good now, but they're just gonna be either dominant or useless depending on situation. They could def become an eclipse type unit.

Orbs flying is a nice thing. But if they can't kill anything AND cost more than regular infantry.. That flight just may not be enough to justify the cost. Esp given that you'll have to pay for them and then use them to cap bases, giving up resource advantage in the process. Maybe I'll get them down to cost 100 and they'll be the flying infantry. Reduce speed to 9 or 10... Fix other stats... Could be good.

As for the archon... Infantry mobility is a VERY interesting idea.... Being able to move across a mountain tile would make this very difficult to deal with. It has some stats worse than tanks, but it has huuuuge mobility which is very valuable. So I think it is pretty even, maybe under priced .. Depending on what the vision perk does to both sides
New Feature Request » New race idea (Phasing Race) *updated 2/25 » Go to message
Just realized:
Orbs at 150 means capturing a base costs 50 more than other races. Wondering how to offset that :/ maybe when an orb captures a base, you get an extra 50 credits the next turn..... Or something along those lines.

That may be a problem. Mobility of 12 will be necessary as well, will allow them to capture at same range as underlings.
New Feature Request » New race idea (Phasing Race) *updated 2/25 » Go to message
Updated the mothership:
Increased mobility
Increased healing rate
Decreased cost
Took away unit creation skill
Reduced skill cool down

I also changed the hover tank stats, making it more effective versus aerial. Also noted it can be built at naval bases.

I also reduced the vision scores across the board for this race.

Looking at this race now. I think the clear problem is the early game. I think the orbs will have to be able to capture bases. No problem. I also think they need a better GL attack. Maybe 5. They need to be able to at least compete somewhat with marines , underlings and mechas... Otherwise this race has to rely on rippers wayyyy too much early..... Maybe rippers will need a change to compensate. But I think making the orbs more effective could work. Maybe will reduce mobility to 12 and increase GL to 5. Then will have to compare numbers w marines and mechas. Something for another day
New Feature Request » New race idea (Phasing Race) *updated 2/25 » Go to message
The range for the vision debuff is 6 I guess, or whatever the max vision is (I want it to reduce vision for anything that can look in its direction. ) *** i just was thinking, archons should be immediately visible upon creation, and it should lift the Fog of War for whatever hex it occupies... I need to add that to my next update***

Hopefully this would allow you to create a condition where neither side could see each other.

one potential problem is that walkers wouldn't be able to see something to shoot, and tank hunters have the same threat range as them.... So a tank hunter could possibly hit a walker that couldn't hit it first. Although, that would require kinda poor positioning on the Titan players part, aaaand a lot of planning for the phasing player.

I like the thought at least

I don't want to add any other abilities to him at this time, as that price point is a flexible one to be in.

Without charge the archon is underpowered compared to tanks and pinzers, but with a charge attack it is quite comparable. It also has MUCH better mobility (esp with charge... It moves unlike any other tank unit) and the vision ability... It has a lot going for it. Maybe too much at this price. I think it might work given: inability to repair normally, vision debuff aspect, lower base stats.

The high defense and mobility are the strengths for sure... I would very much enjoy playing this unit. May be my new favorite glad I thought up this charge thing too I really like that ability. Tho might need a bigger cool down.

I'm rambling :p
New Feature Request » New race idea (Phasing Race) *updated 2/25 » Go to message
Added a new unit. Fits the tank class a lot better. But with two draw backs (no repair without mother ship ofc, plus it blinds nearby troops.)

Also will require a charge to hit tanks with any oomph. But otherwise they're durable and cheap, and can hopefully disrupt the vision of your enemy as well as your own :p
New Feature Request » The convergence; new race » Go to message
I -really- love the hypnotic mk2... I know it isn't what you had in mind to start... But that is an awesome twist.
New Feature Request » The convergence; new race » Go to message
How did I not notice that health won't affect attack and defend ? Lol. Well, I think your unit still needs either: heavy stat reduction and or cost increase.

Defense of 11 is big. Being able to full strength attack at 1 health is immensely useful. Being able to heal up to 20 or whatever number is huge too.

Your base stats OR cost MUST reflect that.

Like, defense 5, GH 6 type nerf needed.

If you wanna keep every thing the same maybe 800-1000 for cost.

You can't include puppeteer in the cost, because those units are incredibly versatile and are gonna be on the board anyway :p
New Feature Request » New race idea (Phasing Race) *updated 2/25 » Go to message
Hadn't thought about it.

What might be interesting is a unit w a push mechanic... Maybe doesn't work on units on a base. That could be interesting.

I would like a unit with a short range UV too.. But for this race I think I'll leave it at these units for now.

Eventually I'll edit the OP to reflect changes we discussed
New Feature Request » New race idea (Phasing Race) *updated 2/25 » Go to message
With the changes to the orbs, I dont think this race is gonna have any problems at sea at all. Might need to tinker with 5-6 aquatic attack on them, but you can get 4-5 of them for the cost of Any boats.

The hover tank may be under powered, but it fills multiple roles, is basically if an eclipse made sweet sweet love to a plasma tank. It can decimate air units, hold the front lines, and deal free damage to most GH units given its range of 1-2. It isn't the rock that the current tanks are, it is much more of a scalpel In a tanks body
New Feature Request » The convergence; new race » Go to message
Acrobat: well, the defense strength would be okay, but in the presence of your other abilities you've assigned, I think it is again too much.

As is this beast would trade evenly with the hydronaut and leviathan. Then it would instantly and fully heal. I think it would make sense to give it a base repair rate of say, 3-4. Get rid of the healing bonus to nearby units...

Or, you could further reduce its range to 1-2. Or you could further reduce its attacks across the board. Or you could introduce a different ability to it. Or you could reduce its stats across the board and make it a 400 cost unit, maybe. Options, but as is I don't think it works for me :p
So that's all I've got for right now. I like the premise of the race a lot, but I don't think it is in its current state balanced within UW.

Looking at most of your base stats and costs, they're VERY comparable to current units.

Which is good of course. But then you have VERY strong abilities added in, with no clear drawbacks in many instances.

So, in summary I like where you're going with this, but I think it needs a good deal of tweaking still
New Feature Request » The convergence; new race » Go to message
Agreed with you on the hypnotic. That's a problem lol.

With that name, you could give it an ability like a stun: enemy unit can not move or attack next turn. You'd have to decide on a specific range.

Maybe a 1-2 turn cool down, depending on what other abilities and stats the hypnotic has.

This lets it lock down enemy units, but isn't OP.

The only cost you could have on a unit that can convert any other unit in the game is at a minimum 450 imho. And to get to that price point the rest of the stats would have to be just awful. Just terribly awful.

Swinging the other way, I think your glass cannon is very well balanced and priced. It may need tweaked after play testing... But I like it. and for 450-550, with the above change to puppeteer, these could be a very scary battle field piece (mobility up to 9 with an aerial range of 3 .. That would be scary good )
New Feature Request » The convergence; new race » Go to message
For the puppeteer, I like what you've got there. It's a good package of abilities with some notable draw backs.

You're gonna have to decide on a range for scream. I think the same as plague... But even that is gonna probably be game breaking. You're gonna get to do about 3-4 damage to every unit within range, and this is going to compromise any support units that they have, too. A 20 turn cool down doesn't matter for an ability that is an instant win, or overly dictates your opponents positioning / unit selection. On top of this, the puppeteer owns a mobility of 9, meaning you can deliver this ability, turn the tide of a battle, heal your units, and then steal a unit. Rinse wash repeat.

So, that is a problem. A reduction of mobility and a one space effect for scream might make sense. Maybe we could reduce the unit cost to 200, too...

Now, the other issue I have: targeting when puppeteer is on top of a friendly unit. That seems like a pain to code and implement. I think it might make more sense to give the puppeteer the ability to merge with any unit in your own army, maybe providing something like: increased repair rate, increased defense, increased mobility. If puppeteer cost was 200, this could be an interesting way to boost your army.

All in all I think this unit needs some work, but I like the premise a lot.
New Feature Request » The convergence; new race » Go to message
The puppeteer pyramid is ridiculously over powered. With just the extra move and attack on a kill (that can be proc'd easily with any amount of planning at all), it is already better than a Garuda. Adding in the very solid base stats AND heal on a kill is just too much.

To keep the current package of abilities you're gonna have to reduce mobility at least to 12, imo probably 9/10.

GL has gotta take a hit as well, maybe down to the 8/9 range.

The other stats might be okay. I also think with the current package a cost of 400 might have to be considered..

The Strong man, you mention can heal up to 25 health? This absolutely won't work at all, as the attack formula is based upon health, and a health in the 12 range. A unit that had more than 15 health and any kind of decent stats at all would be near game breaking., let alone a health of 25. What I would propose instead is: make it so he gains experience 10x-100x faster. That can get him up to double veteran status with a decent kill or two. Obv his cost and other talents may need adjusted.

Edit: maybe strong man could just start at double veteran status. That would make him very strong and durable.
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