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New Feature Request » Our Balancing Salvation! » Go to message
It's hard to find ways to balance something that can't be balanced: different races with different strengths and weaknesses, have advantages on certain maps and disadvantages on certain others.

I don't think that the races need many changes in the name of balance. This thing is not really important, at least not the most important one.

Most of the discussions over balance are, in my idea, caused by the lack of realty in the current skills-measuring system, represented by the ladder.

Every map is not perfectly balanced, and this thing can't be solved at all. But you can still try to make it meaningless: since a single imbalanced matchup can't state who is better between the contenders, the easiest and most fair thing that solves any map balance discussion is represented by the mirror games: both players play in both spots, so the best will win both games or one game in less turns. In this way even an imbalanced matchup like tit vs sap on jungle can tell who is better.

This is just the idea of a loosy player, of course, so it can be wrong, but i support it since i'm sure it's a valid point that can remove most of the complaints over balance.

Now about the balance.

We should not focus on changes affecting a single unit, because i think that this will cause a huger disadvantage\advantage than needed.

A single change can't improve the faults you pointed out in your document, Sims. I think that there should be some changes to many units of all races to make a single, small, useful change. Because you must keep the current balance for every matchup and improve the balance for a specified one.

Guides & Tips » team gang up bonus » Go to message
For a second my UniWorld was destroyed, hopefully i got wrong.

So if i get correctly, it will be kept GU of +1 (adiacent), +2 (not adiacent), +3 (back and rect-angle). What were you referring to, then? I missed your point.

It can be a good thing to document team gangup. Only few players know it (i know since some months and met only 3 players who knows it too), it will affect only the last move and the first move of two sequentially playing players.

Waxoid, i can have an explaination of GangUp: enemy is engaged with the first attacking unit, so another attack from somewhere else is harmful because that attacked unit can't defence properly (it is concentrated on the other unit).

Do you like my "first-grade" explaination?
Guides & Tips » team gang up bonus » Go to message
I can't believe to what i heard. I hope that this is just a misunderstanding between you and developers, sims.

The game is CENTERED (and i hope you understand what i mean) on GangUp (GU), it represents MOST of the strategy behind the game: every player is a noob until he starts focusing his strategy on achieving GU bonus for his attacks.

If GU will be removed, it will be like deleting half of the game.

Waxoid: yes, maybe the gang up can't be explained for real, but do you really need to explain it?

For what concerns team gangup, i agree with regard. Starting from what i said before, so that i wish GU to be kept, why to remove TGU? It will affect just the last move of two sequential players.
Tournaments » J.C. Tournament: FunGalore » Go to message
The tournament is now ready to start. I'm waiting just for the last two teams to decide their races. All the other games can start.

I updated the grid and improved the document, now it contains also a "Statistics" sheet that may be funny to have. Hope that everyone will contribute.

Good luck and happy christmas (in advance )!
Tournaments » dan1 Tourney 3 » Go to message
  waxoid wrote: cool to see the additional data on how many rounds the different matches went. A small useful addition might be listing an 'R' when the position is resigned rather than finished (e.g. "S21R").

Good point. I would add columns, but then it may become too huge.
Tournaments » dan1 Tourney 3 » Go to message
master wisdom beat rainbow????????


poor rainbow... master wisdom did the job in a round less...

sims, did you play just a game vs. ismael? or did the second last more than twelve rounds?

hey, there may be the final of tourney 2 in quarter finals! vincent vs. aegis, if aegis will advance vs. ribb.
Tournaments » J.C. Tournament: FunGalore » Go to message

1. Team Rage
a. Vincent0923 (captain)
b. Kralux
c. J.C.

2. Team Awesome
a. Simsverd (captain)
b. AleMolghi
c. Spiritfinger

3. Team Clash
a. Wolfcat (captain)
b. MonkeyBorg
c. Nicko

4. Team Swag
a. dan1 (captain)
b. RainbowT -> Substituted by puszek
c. Jish

5. Team Wisdom
a. kuanren (captain)
b. variant4
c. regard87

6. Team Nightmare
a. DaGruDgE (captain)
b. BloodyHarry
c . Tsadlocha

7. Team Love
a. Evil Jet (captain)
b. Vogon Jeltz
c. El-Mo

8. Team Thunder
a. MindFreaK (captain)
b. onlyagame
c. cpt Hawaiian
Tournaments » J.C. Tournament: FunGalore » Go to message
J.C. Tournament: Bases Galore Funny Team-Contest
The map for this tournament will be the classic version of Bases Galore. Every race combination is allowed.

The main purposes are to introduce me to “tournaments world” and to have fun, so I already built the teams and invited the players, choosing among my friends.

Each team must play a game as “Team 1” and a mirror as “Team 2”, swapping positions but keeping the races that other team used.

Grid and how to advance
Grid was built randomly and in order to advance, each team needs to win both mirror games. In case of drawn, so in case of one victory each team, the winner is the team who won in less turns. Round limit is fixed at 24 hours and skipping is allowed, but I strongly recommend to avoid it.

Unknown starting spots and races
Each team chooses the starting spots and the races before the first game takes place and must tell me their choices. Once that I have the choices of all the teams, I will publish them: noone can change his choice.

Since I play the tournament, I will communicate mine to Simsverd or Kralux, depending to whom I will be facing in the game.

Admin: J.C.
Name: Bases Galore Funny Team-Contest

Map: BasesG alore Classic
Races Available: All

Type of Tournament: invitation only
Participants: 8 teams (32 players)

Competition Format: grid
Game Format: two legged (perfect mirror)
Advancing Format: less turns

Round Limit: 24 hours

Special Conditions:
• Unknown Starting Positions
• Unknown Races

I hope that everyone can enjoy this tournament, good luck to every participant. The tournament will start soon.

This is the grid, made in GoogleDocuments:
Tournaments » Defense Zone tournament » Go to message
:O i didn't see those bases. Interesting... I will try this map. I'm sure you already played my maps in randoms, please, give me feedback about their balance

Now i should stop spamming this post.
Tournaments » Defense Zone tournament » Go to message
if it works like scramble, blue sapiens will be advantaged. ahahah, yes it is the most difficult (for p2 at least)!!

edit: i didn't consider the 4 bases at the corners... this will significantly change the gameplay of this map, may be interesting to see how will this affect p2
Khraleans » Why does our navy suck so bad » Go to message
I think that this depends on how does the fight start and how big is the "sea" where battles takes place. for example, let's imagine that blue has 6 hydros and red 8 levis. i think that if hydros attack first, they will easily get rid of levis, due to their range.

at the same cost, in a big map, i think that hydros are op for khraleans
General Discussion » Late to the party? » Go to message
I open up again this topic after 9 months. but since when has to make alliances in ffa become cheating? A player can make alliances in many ways, so the pm system is not very bad.
New Feature Request » limit teleport ability that currently ruins many map layouts » Go to message
debate wherever: in-game, here, via e-mails...
Bug Reports » Map author name not shown on map info anymore? » Go to message
  StarryBlink wrote: But it should be better if you can search by map author without having to add your name in the map's name.
I know this trick but I don't want to add more letters in my map's name to make people confuse about the map's concept.

You don't understand. You can. Simply search for your name, they will show up even if you didn't add your name to map's name.
Bug Reports » Map author name not shown on map info anymore? » Go to message
  simsverd wrote:
but i agree.. it should be possible to search by autor (name)

you can sims, i told you many times... search for j.c., you will see only my maps
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