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Sapiens » How to beat Titans Walker wall? » Go to message
One comment about the long range hits: Even if a Hydronaut does hit your destroyer at a range of 4, you can easily close the distance next turn and deal much heavier counter damage. Hydronauts have an anti-aquatic attack of 13 and Destroyers have a defense of 12, so Hydronauts don't do much damage to Destroyers at any range. Basically, a Hydronaut-Destroyer battle has a foregone conclusion: Sapiens win every single time. The sole exception is when Titans are able to gang up with several Hydronauts at once, in which case they can completely destroy a Destroyer. As long as you have as many Destroyers as they have Hydronauts, you win. Khrals actually have a tougher time killing Hydronauts because Leviathans are seriously underpowered compared to Destroyers.
New Feature Request » OLD POST - Six New Units To Be Created. We Need Your Ideas! » Go to message
talone: I don't mean to criticize you (After all you have much more experience than me ), but I don't like most of your ideas. Adding area effects could get weird really fast. Healing/Repairing friendly units is one thing, but increasing/decreasing power or speed borders on witchcraft . Maybe you could add a few area effects, like adding a speed boost to Titans in the guise of advanced technology, but too many area effects could seriously screw up the game. As for transport units, those are an important part of strategy, but I don't see them being very useful or practical in UniWar. UniWar has too high of a unit density in most maps for transports to be of any use, so they wouldn't add much too the game. Making all units teleport would also be rather like witchcraft, and it would screw up a lot of general strategy. I don't mind so much having a few Titan units teleport, but if Khrals and Saps can teleport too then things like base cherry-picking (I hate it when Mechas do that) will become much too common.

I find it odd that you talk about preserving balance and then you come up with all sorts of bogus ideas. Maybe some of these things could be special abilities for individual units, but you seem to be talking about across-the-board changes that make no sense and seriously wreck the balance.
Sapiens » How to beat Titans Walker wall? » Go to message
Destroyers are much better than you think. They have ridiculously high anti-aquatic attack (16), high attack against other units (10-12) and they have much higher defense than artillery units. Sea units are rather OP (thus expensive) because they have the power/range of artillery and the defense of tanks. For the price of two tanks you can get a really tough artillery unit that can decimate Hydronauts and can support your main troops against the enemy walkers.

The only effective way to counter sea units in the current game is to build your own sea units. Ground and air units usually don't stand a chance against the powerful attack, wide range and high defense. Luckily for you, Sapiens have the best anti-sea sea unit.
New Feature Request » OLD POST - Six New Units To Be Created. We Need Your Ideas! » Go to message
I actually think that power up units and especially uber units have much more potential to unbalance things than adding more regular units like I suggest. The nature of the uber units could have huge impact on balance issues, and the power of these units would need to be carefully adjusted so people don't start making them too early or making too many of them. How boring would it be if battles turned into a slugfest between uber units? As for power up units and defense mode, they would make unbreakable walls of defense even harder to break through, exacerbating the problem of late-game stalemates with massive defensive armies. Because all races would have them they probably wouldn't hurt balance, but they wouldn't help either.
Sapiens » Battery range » Go to message
I'm not a Sapien lover, but I agree with this change. When I play as Saps, the fact that the Battery only has a two hex band of range always annoy me. It makes sense for the Walker to not fire at 2 because of its higher max range, but why should the Battery have the smallest range band on top of the fact that is has shorter attack range? The only balance issue I see is the obvious increase in battery usefulness and some counter-damage to Swarmers and Eclipses (They could attack at a range of 1 and take no counter-damage, but that isn't always possible), both of which are fairly minor changes and I would consider them improvements.
New Feature Request » OLD POST - Six New Units To Be Created. We Need Your Ideas! » Go to message
Continued from my last post...

All races: Short-range anti-aquatic (Aquatic)
This should be different for every race, Submarine would be great for Sapiens, provided that the other races can fight anti-sub.
Reason: Sea battles get really boring when each race has only 1 aquatic unit. To change things up I suggest that the current units be treated more like artillery and a new tier of anti-aquatic units be rolled out to destroy the current units and each other. These new units should have ranges of 1 (maybe 2), but should be fast and should have powerful anti-aquatic attacks. Gangup with two of these units should be enough to destroy any sea unit. To make these unique for each race you could throw in special abilities, such as submerge, extra range (2 instead of 1) or move after attack. Maybe the Titans should get one with good anti-air to help combat Swarmers, Garudas and Helis over water.
New Feature Request » OLD POST - Six New Units To Be Created. We Need Your Ideas! » Go to message
I think talone is right, we need to keep balance in mind. Here's a few suggestions:

Khraleans: Long-range anti-air unit (Ground light)
Reason: Khrals currently have three major issues that this could solve.
First of all, it would help Khrals beat the Heli+Marine spam by destroying the Helis. It should have a fairly strong anti-air attack, maybe enough to give a Heli 5 damage. These units should still be semi-vulnerable to Helis (no attack at range of 1?) so they aren't a show stopper, but they should do reasonably damage at fairly long range.
Second, it could help solve the weakness of the Khrals to enemy artillery (especially Walkers) by giving them a longer ranged unit. It should have a max range of 4 and attack after move, but it should also have lower damage than artillery units to compensate. I envision this unit wearing down the health of enemy units (a bit like Swarmers) without getting too close.
Third, this unit would help remove the overwhelming advantage of Swarmers (and Garuda) in Khral vs Khral matches, making the use of ground units more practical.

Sapiens: Mid-range anti-vehicle/air unit (Ground Light)
This could be called Rocket Trooper
Reason: This unit would help Sapiens overcome a few shortcomings: The inability to destroy heavy units easily and the lack of anti-air capacity. They should have a powerful attack against air and ground heavy units at a range of two, but they should be stunned (reloading) for one turn after every attack to allow for enemy assault. This unit would give Sapiens a way to take out the units that currently plague them, but thanks to the reload this unit would have to be used in a much more tactical way than Helis and Marines are used currently.

Titans: Unit of mass destruction (Air)
This could be called Missile.
Reason: The main problem Titans have is that they have too low of attacks to destroy mobs of enemy units. I propose a unit that would be able to fly over other units (like underling, except visible and no need to bury and un-bury). This unit would have no attack, but when it is destroyed or the Titan player chooses to detonate it the unit explodes and damages all units within a range of 2 (Even Titans). Because Titans can be destroyed by this unit they would need to be careful, but if they use it correctly it should be able to damage mostly enemy units. It should have to have a heavy defense and/or high attack to make it possible for it to get into the center of enemy mobs.
Sapiens » How to beat Titans Walker wall? » Go to message
How can we have a thread full of Sapien players without anyone knowing how awesome Destroyers are? I know that and I'm a noob Khralean player.
Sapiens » How to beat Titans Walker wall? » Go to message
If the issue is how to defeat Titan ships (Hydronauts), then you're just using the wrong units. Obviously land units like Marauders and Tanks won't work, but Sapiens are actually very strong against Hydronauts. Destroyers (the Sapien ships) are actually the best sea unit, they do much more damage than Hydronauts and they are fast enough to move inside a Hydronaut's range and pound it without taking damage. Helicopters also prove useful in killing Hydronauts because they can also duck inside the Titan ships' range and attack without taking damage, though they are very vulnerable to counterattack. The answer to your problem is to build a Destroyer to match each Hydronaut the Titan player plays and use your superior firepower to gun it down. You might have to build less Tanks, but Tanks are pretty useless on large maps anyways.
Sapiens » How to beat Titans Walker wall? » Go to message
Here's the short answer: You're doomed.

If you let the Titan player get a wall of Walkers, they'll destroy you easily unless you have enough units to rush them. With only 4 units left, there's no way you'll be able to mass enough units before they put a wall of defensive units in front of the walkers, rendering your assault harmless. You might as well surrender.

In the future, try killing the walkers before the Titan player gets that many.
New Feature Request » Update / delete user maps » Go to message
I agree that deleting/editing maps should be allowed, but I also think the map editor should include a testing feature where you can play games against yourself to test the balance of the map. As it is it's virtually impossible to know if the map is balanced before you publish it.
Frequently Asked Questions » When is a game rated and when is it unrated? » Go to message
@waxoid: Drat. I was hoping the 3 turns rule would help me escape all the random games I didn't join.
Bug Reports » HUGE issue: Games I did not join. » Go to message
As mentioned in the topic "UNWANTED games", there is an bug in UniWar that adds me to games I don't want to join. When I join a random game I sometimes get added to other random games as well, and in the extra games I play as a random race rather than as Khrals like I usually play. Needless to say, this should be fixed immediately. I don't want my rating to be destroyed by losing games I didn't even join!
Bug Reports » UNWANTED games » Go to message
I had the same problem, though I only got two. It's just plain outrageous when I have to play games that I didn't join with a race that dooms me to fail (Sorry Titans players, but Khrals are just better). To be fair, I'm doing decent on one of the games, but that's because I'm playing Titans vs Titans.
Please fix this issue, because I don't think it's fair at all to make people play games they don't want to play.
General Discussion » Your favorite race... and why » Go to message
waxoid: That (underlings having no anti-air) is part of the reason why I don't use them much. I mostly just use them to capture bases, so they usually don't face much opposition. Khraleans can easily take out Helis if they use multiple Garudas (which are weaker but cheaper) or Wyrms (which pretty much pwn Helis at long range). The trick is using Swarmers (or other anti-light units) to strip off the Marine shield before you send in the anti-air units.

I agree that Eclipses are nice, they sure wreak havoc on Swarmers and Garudas. I've found that the UV is pretty useless unless you have a ton of assimilators, but it can give you a slight advantage. Walkers are great because of the massive range, but they cost so much that it's a bit tough to build both Walkers and the units to protect them from enemy attacks. If the Khralean player plays it right, the Titans usually wont have time to get a good defense built before the wasps and snakes come swarming in.

By the way, I got my web proxy fixed. Wanna play me as Titans vs Khraleans? My bugs are ready to melt some metal.
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