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Invite sent, not that experienced on jungle but if I lose as blue sapiens it will be the first time xD. I hate that map!
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Nfong, I'd have to disagree with most of that >.<.

Jungle is unbalanced in lots of ways though, even down to being host favoured when playing same race matchups.

I have a winning record khral against sapiens on gold rush xD. Hurtgen forest titans are advantaged against sapiens slightly although not as extreme as on forest walk so I think the map is okay on average. I've not tried gold rush vs sapiens as red khral though (only blue) so if you'd like to show me why you think it's unbalanced then send an invite as sapiens to my Isolation account, nfong . I'll play you on hurtgen forest as titans vs your sapiens as well if you like as I'm sure sapiens aren't advantaged in that matchup.

Montevideo I'd add to the list of maps I think are balanced (or at least with small modifications) as well as chato hill also with some small modifications.

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You are swarmmmm, lol. Only one sapien has ever beaten me on hurtgen forest xD. You need to spam and bury loads of underlings before they have a chance to fill the map with helis and then once they get close with a single heli you make your first garuda. You should be able to get ninjalings up the map as well to watch what the sapien builds. Hurtgen forest isn't a khral map, it's just a map where sapiens don't really have an advantage over khral as they can't get their troops in to run you over in the first three turns like most maps! Also because your credits per turn is double the number of bases you have then marine spam isn't overpowering like on other forested maps :o.

And yea, I already posted up about chato hill and the easiest way to confirm is to play same race matchups there and you'll find yourself behind every time as blue. Because of the start setup not being able to capture first turn as blue then red has a 200 credit advantage rather than 100 credit and it can be pretty tough to overcome so I just play chato hill as red >.<. It's also critical as khral because once the helis are out in force you can't really make underlings that easily so not having that base early on means you're getting overrun by helis too early. I'm going to add some bits to the guide soon but using this as a basis I am around 2040 now with over 40 wins and 3 losses!

This strategy is highly dependant on placing buried underlings well and I can't stress that enough.
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Yep, if it's someone you don't know then they should move in a timely fashion xD. If it's someone I know/a significant game (like when I annoy people in the forums and they challenge me :p) I'll wait 3 days like nfong! If it's someone I play or chat with regularly I'll just leave it until they get back :o.
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Dead Monk is salvagable with some modifying as well which I think is key, as the other maps aren't really. I offered in another thread to help balance out existing maps if the dev team want to work with me on that and the offer stands if you're interested . I know there's a lot of improvements going on all at the same time and it's easier to assess someone else's changes to maps than to implement them yourselves and then assess them as well xD.
New Feature Request » Maps - Rated and Unrated » Go to message
Scramble, jungle, green valley, too close and naval war are probably the worst but there's a few which are bad in certain matchups as well and could probably use modifying so they can't be used in that way. For example ichiro got basically all his rating points playing against sapiens with titans on dead monk which is not a matchup I think sapiens can win with correct play from titans (send me three invites if you want to test it xavi, not being a titan player myself I'd still expect to win all three regardless of your opening strategy xD).
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Khraleans » Beating Sapiens » Go to message
Send invite to this account MasonC . I believe Pinzer to be too slow and especially so on dead monk xD.
New Feature Request » Stats » Go to message
That's a good idea, it's impossible to tell from someone's stats how good they actually are the way it's structured atm xD. With the preferred race stat as well I'd quite like to see race usage as a percentage over all three races as that would also give a better indication about the player. Maybe a preferred map stat as well?
Khraleans » Beating Sapiens » Go to message
You're welcome swarmmmmm :o. And make it games on three different maps Xenai as Pirapolis is pretty much the only map where I can see pinzer might possibly be useful because there's no terrain at all in the centre. If we're taking pinzer to generally not be useful against khral then we should be playing a range of maps to establish that .
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Most of the top 100 are cheats, there's maybe 10-20 legitimate players in there. I was 2200 as sapiens until I started trying to learn khral with this account and playing people a little too high ranked for me to be able to beat with a race I'd never played. Nicko is one of the highest ranked khral players and he's not exclusively khral and you just said you got that ranking with sapiens. My isolation account is going to pass 2000 soon, that's only playing as khral and hosting 90% of the games so players of either race can challenge me.

If you look for khral hosted games you'll find virtually none compared to all the titan and sapien hosted games and most of the khral hosts will abandon if you join as sapiens. Pinzers don't win games as khral though is the central point. They are too static and will just get mowed down by helis and a couple of marines by anyone who knows that full health marines on terrain can finish off a damaged pinzer pretty easily.

Depends who you've been playing I guess :o.
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Xenai, this thread is about beating sapiens not about surviving as long as possible against them :p. Pinzer doesn't beat sapiens, in 95% of cases all it does is stall inevitable defeat which is not the object of this guide and not the object of my play xD.

And lol Nicko, I must confess I forgot about you although you I had the idea you mix it up with sapiens pretty regularly when you're playing 1v1? My isolation account is exclusively with khral although it's getting interesting now I'm over 1900 I'm getting games against the 2000+ players so will see if I can keep climbing!
Khraleans » Beating Sapiens » Go to message
And trying to represent khrals as they still don't seem to have any prominent players :o. One loss heading my way but mostly still wins as I work through the 1900 levels and my win/loss ratio is surprising even myself xD. Think I'll slow down once I get to playing more 2100 players though as whilst I am a 2100+ sapien I'm not quite there yet with khral :o.

I was quite pleased with 30 wins against 3 losses (one of which testing out the 3 minute game cheating victory thing) though so hopefully khrals will get their advocate shortly!
New Feature Request » A vague ramble about things I find annoying xD. » Go to message
I don't believe the problem to be helicopters as garudas eat helis for breakfast on a cost for cost basis. Garudas can't break through a marine meatshield though and that doesn't even have to do with air attack of marines as even if it was two then marines + helis would still mow down khral ground units with barely any loss in hitpoints. I don't like the idea of giving underling an air attack particularly but something needs to be done either with swarmer, underling or infector.

It's the low cost of marines relative to the high cost of anything which counters them I find to be the central problem. Khral units are high cost so either your underlings get owned by helis and you can't break the marine shield in time or you end up too orientated towards ground units and can't stop the helis.

Killing marines with khral isn't hard but it eats all your tempo because your units are so expensive relative to the cost of a marine and leaves you open to counterattack, normally with game ending results.
Sapiens » Beating Titans » Go to message
This is a titan vs sap section :p.
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