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New Feature Request » Retain Game Records on Web » Go to message
Sphink, saying it's useless to look at past moves of a chess game shows that you know very little about chess xD. I think being able to save a log of the moves for a game to your device would be a useful feature, definately not on the server though!
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I'm sure she's a real high flyer on the uniwar ladder xD.
Guides & Tips » Rated on scramble » Go to message
If you start a game on scramble or any other close map and get bad luck or make a mistake in the first 3 rounds, you can surrender the game and lose no ranking points for it. I just played someone who blundered a unit with some poor decision making on round 2 and surrendered while I was capturing a base of his, he lost no ranking points for his mistake even though I had a capture running while he surrendered xD.

I knew there were more reasons why scramble sucks!
Frequently Asked Questions » When is a game rated and when is it unrated? » Go to message
I just terminated on round 3 and it didn't affect my rating!
General Discussion » Rated games » Go to message
To clarify, I'm a little drunk and got my games mixed up so I made a tank instead of a helicopter and my opponent refused peace xD. It's only round 3 though so I was wondering if I can just surrender and not lose ranking over it.
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And it's not like a game with real prestige in being a top ranked player, only people with iphones and touch screen nokias have even heard of it and only a tiny percentage of them xD. I only heard of the game a few weeks ago myself >.<.
General Discussion » UniWar on the PC? » Go to message
That would be cool!
General Discussion » Race Preference » Go to message
Always confuses me why anyone would take the time to do things like that :s.
General Discussion » Rated games » Go to message
On what turn can you abandon a rated game without it affecting your ranking?
General Discussion » Race Preference » Go to message
I'm trying to say most of the medium high part of the ladder seems to be khrals! The very top is pretty evenly spread but there's very few sapiens in the 2000-2500 point range compared with other races :o. I was just wondering if there was a reason for that as I think the races are pretty well matched from my limited experience xD.
General Discussion » Race Preference » Go to message
I'm just starting out on this game but have done a fair amount of practice against bots before making my debut online, and I've been looking at the race balance on the ladder. What I've found interesting is a pretty even spread at the very top of the ladder for races, but in the 2000-2500 range there is a heavy bias towards khraleans and secondly titans. I'm interested in people's thoughts on the huge favour towards khraleans as whilst I do think the swarm is tough to defend against, the race balance in this game seems very well constructed.

I do think it would be easier to take wins off weak opponents with khraleans as definately around my own ranking I have seen a very poor understanding of tempo, which you can emphasise with khraleans most easily. I don't think that's what the 2000-2500 players are all doing though, so I'm a little confused xD.
New Feature Request » Feature requests » Go to message
I would like to see "random" race/map options for playing the bots.

And I agree that asdf doesn't sound like a good player as I've never seen him post anything useful or intelligent in any thread xD.
General Discussion » Uniwar for Nokia » Go to message
I downloaded uniwar a few weeks back and it only has 19 maps but I've seen it advertised with 50 maps, and it doesn't have the maps people talk about in these forums xD. Is this just the Nokia version of the game not keeping up with the iPhone or what?
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