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New Feature Request » New Race -Redeemers » Go to message
The race looks fine to me.
New Feature Request » 4th Uniwar Race » Go to message
Was laughing my butt off at that Bambi picture. What do you mean by the drone -3 numbers? -3 to all stats or -3 to its health? I really like the scrap collector ability btw.

I like the rogue but I'm not sure why it needs to cost 300 lol. That could qualify for a 250 unit

I can't find anything else wrong with this race it's a really unique and decent concept . Although I'd recommend putting more spaces in between the stats so it isn't too hard to read
New Feature Request » Marine Ability Idea » Go to message
That could work.
New Feature Request » Planetary War » Go to message
I like this idea, sorta, bit I wish there was a benefit to having a huge empire you know? In most campaign games you get more credits for more land, but in uniwar that's not going to work thanks to the domination of artillery
New Feature Request » New Race (Fobos) » Go to message
Problem with the saucer is you can't kill it if your khraleans. I know you have concerns for titans games, but imagine this, your a khralean general and a horde of saucers are outside of your city! What do you send? A swarmer? Not with that defense. A pinzer? Not with that defense. An underling? Not with that defense.
That leaves us with wyrms and garuda. We both know a wyrm would not far well against that so really it's just a garuda. Garuda do about 3-4 damage and receive 7-8. You need three garuda to kill one of these.

Thankfully it loses 1 health in each exchange, but still, if it can heal that, perhaps it would be too hard to kill.

I think the sniper update works pretty darn well and I back that decision to get rid of the mines and at its cost I believe the laser Battery saucer is balanced.

Protoman looks fine to me. The megaman is hard for me to comprehend- 3 turns and 1-2 range sound game breaking. But stat wise... ehhh... it looks fine....
New Feature Request » New Race -Redeemers » Go to message
I just wanted to point out that it's August 14 where I live. It's like you live in the future!
New Feature Request » New Hexes or Tiles. » Go to message
  LkASr wrote:I thought of an idea about a terrain that you can actually build on, but it can only be a man made terrain:

Town/Province: +2,+2 to ground light

Passive Effect: none

Active Effect: You can build a man made terrain if a ground light sits above it.

Man Made Terrain: medical bay, base, and fortress

Restriction: Of course you can't build that thing for free! Materials costs money you know, but medical bay is actually free tho. Fortress costs 100 credits, Base costs 200 credits.

I really like that idea too! I think we should opt bases out of the options just for fairness though . Maybe we can replace them with something else
New Feature Request » New Hexes or Tiles. » Go to message
I like the fireemblem idea. The mines idea I actually first heard from xavi when we were chatting, he wants to be able to make some mines of something that can give credits without the need of a g.l capture. Because of this I think it's bound to be made sooner or later
New Feature Request » New Hexes or Tiles. » Go to message
  Duaneski wrote:I think the original idea was:

- easy to implement
- added a lot to gameplay quickly and in a balanced way
- simple to understand.

The layers idea while interesting is absolutely none of those. The moving storm thing again, definitely not that.

those ideas basically need their own threads imo :p the OP idea sounds great though and man I hope we can get new tiles!!! Would be awesome.

OP - many people have asked for bridge tiles before. Naval bases kind of work for that. But dedicated bridges would look better and not allow naval units everywhere :p not my idea originally but needs added to a list ofc.

I see where your coming from with the moving storms but the layer was described in a paragraph and adds to strategy. That's both simple and strategic.
I'm not going to argue with hard to implement because I'm not sure if it is or isn't .
New Feature Request » [Poll] [Request] New Race Request: Ignem » Go to message
Are you still editing this race?
New Feature Request » 4th Race Idea: The Remnants, a product of destruction » Go to message
Firstly if you don't eventually tell me what you have in your pockets I'll eventually kill you, but not only will your life end but I will also make your pockets a running joke.

Secondly I feel the units are balanced. Good call on the kraken, but whats it's mobility after attack? And the miner, I like how it loses attack as it loses health, I do have a question though. If it dies does it self destruct?
General Discussion » Voting After Game Is Played » Go to message
  MasterYoda wrote: A few maybe. Any negative votes? Yes many of those, these negative votes pop up for two reasons, either the map really was terrible OR the usual reason, they lost and that's enough to rate down, unfortunately players will usually delete the game afterwards, not giving a second though to a thumbs up when the map was clearly made well. This becomes a big problem in my opinion, all the hard work people put into building a map, just to have sour people rare the map down after loosing. This needs to change, I beleive that if after a game there were three manditory options in order to leave/delete a finished game. 1. Vote Positive 2. Vote Negative 3. Vote Neutral. This way we can ensure that votes are being done, otherwise all the well balanced fresh maps will get a chance. All the old established maps, sometimes are not even well balanced, due to all the changes of units etc. Let's change this!

The problem is, most maps are meh at best for most people which is why they don't vote. People only vote when they feel a map, wether they feel it positively negatively.

I think this is worth a try, but I'm not sure it would change anything. Perhaps something better would be to have every player automatically give a positive upvote at the end of each game and then have the option to change to neutral or negative. Especially with revenge mode coming up (so even unfair maps aren't that much of a problem).
New Feature Request » New Hexes or Tiles. » Go to message
I think everyone wants a sort of storm or something to hurt aerial units. Perhaps we could add in a moving storm tile that goes in a pattern? That would be fun
Could be storm cloud -1/-2, fog -3 vision and foggy storm with both debuffs.

Out of the ideas,the ones I like the most are the road and river idea (I like that a lot) the volcano, the cliff, the poisonous gas and the reef (-2-2 to all ships)
New Feature Request » New Hexes or Tiles. » Go to message
  Fiqri2305 wrote:I have a suggestion: Layers.

Here's what I have in mind. There will be 3 layers each hexes.

The first (bottom) layer consists of usual terrains (plain, forest, mountain).

The second (bottom modifier) layer consists of:
- River: A modifier that modify the edge of the hex instead of full hex. If you move across the river, it will add the movement cost by 1 or 2. And if you attack an unit right across the river, it will receive an attack debuff by 1 or 2. Aerial units have no effect.

- Road: A modifier that makes the hex's movement cost below the road only 1 or 2 while retaining the hex's attack and defence bonuses. For example if I put a road on a forest tile the forest tile movement costs will be reduced to 2 while retaining it's bonuses.

- Bridge: A modifier that you can use to go across water tiles. Behave just like plains (no bonuses) and naval units can cross.

The third (sky) layer consists of clouds and weathers, which are:

-Thick cloud: A modifier that makes a debuff for aerial units, either vision or attack and defence penalty.

- Poisonous gas: A modifier that makes all units going there receive 1 damage per turn. Khrals may or may not be affected.

It's probably hard to do, but if you do add these, it will make more depths to gameplay and mapmaking.

I really like this idea, The second layers at least, albeit I do think the third layer suggestions may need to be changed
The poisonous cloud idea is awesome, we've wanted that for a long time, and I don't think khrals should be immune. Too many ways that could back fire.
Perhaps we could make a special species cloud for everybody- smog for saps, venom for khrals and oxygen less for titan
New Feature Request » New Race (Fobos) » Go to message
The sniper range makes every other g.l unit irrelevant. I know, it can't attack any other unit and is defenseless at close range but STILL. Too much. Just dail it down to 2-3 or back to 1-2

The power trooper upgrade looks fine but probably costs too much. If you make it cost 150 it could rival the maruader and speeder, perhaps.

The scientist is underpowered it needs a cool down ability something along the lines of upgrades. Perhaps you could give it an ability to give any unit another turn

Amplifier looks right. But I'd like to note that most games make mines and explosives do more damage to heavy machinery because of the inability to escape them and more factors.

Also not sure how useful a one hit mine would be lol

The debuffer- now that's what Im talking about! It's got an awesome ability and is well balanced. And that debuffer ability -Someone pinch me-its beautiful

I was going to say the saucer is op but than I saw its ability. Still, I'd reduce the healing rate to 1.

Its upgrade is cool

I'm not entirely sure why you abandoned the protoman terrain based upgrades but it's op I think at that cost. It easily overpowers every tank but the pinzer, especially with gangup bonuses and that defense. And that's just on plain tiles.
I suppose a helicopter could kill it or an eclipse - but it can move twice! It has the ability to kill an speeder in one turn and move six tiles! So I think it deserves to cost more. Not even mentioning it can move after attack

It's upgrade is way op- three moves per turn? And 1-2 range ?!? It can still move 6 tiles and still has a move after attack. And it only costs 250 more .

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