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Bug Reports » Battery usage » Go to message
I've played for two hours straight before and my phone (iphone 4) didn't get very warm, just a little. I don't know that you will get a response from the developers, you might, but they've been quite inactive lately.
I personally don't know anything about systems software and hardware, but aspire to be a software developer, so in a few years I'll help you brain storm if the question remains unsolved.
General Discussion » Llamas » Go to message
Llamas would shoot you down before you could pick up the gun
That's a fact.
General Discussion » Llamas » Go to message

Some beautiful llamas:

A very fine specimen of llama:

Sorry they are so big! Don't know why..but nothing wrong with that, right? Just remember that:

General Discussion » BUNNIES! » Go to message
bunny deserves to fall into an ocean and drown
And I am not a fool.
New Feature Request » a few ideas(anti cheat,pm,sort games by map and race,replay) » Go to message
I agree alot with #4! In fact I think they are working on that.
Also nice idea for anti cheating.
And on the forums at least, there are pm's..I'll send you one. Did you mean you want pm's in-game?
Thought so lol
General Discussion » Veterancy? » Go to message
I don't think it's random, but I not certain
That's happened to me too.
If we really want to know whether or not it's random we can test it
But I dont think I've ever had a spider not rank up from killing a walker
Or a plasma tank
General Discussion » List of Playable Maps » Go to message
  Solitary wrote: I don't think you can win laguna nigual with khrals against saps although feel free to prove me wrong on that xD. It's especially bad with red khrals as the helicopter is out earlier and it's harder to get your units in position to defend.

You sure?
I've beat one or two players who are in the 2,000s for score on that map with me as khraleans and and them as blue sapiens, but if what you're saying is true then it may have been because of their mistakes
By the time they have one heli you have enough for two garudas though. And as red khraleans, you also get a credit boost, right?
New Feature Request » Stats » Go to message
Sounds good.
Sapiens » Beating Titans » Go to message
So sorry, this post was accidental
Sapiens » Marines: Underated? » Go to message
5 swarmers cost 1,250 credits
One sapien battleship costs 800 credits
Just saying
How to make the uniwar.com website better » show leaves » Go to message
What's your score?
Generally, a good amount of people from 1400-1500 Play a game, suck, then quit...once you get to the 1600's that shouldn't be happening to much though
If thats not the case though then I don't really have an answer for you.
What's New in the Latest Updates » Balance Changes... And The Topic of BALANCING THE SAPIENS. » Go to message
This is the thread.
Zalcore, you can just copy and paste the URL into our post
Or you can hit the URL button on little window that also has the font size and color etc, and if you look in the little white bar right above where you type your post in, it will tell you how to post a link...if I didnt explain it well then let me know
What's New in the Latest Updates » Balance Changes... And The Topic of BALANCING THE SAPIENS. » Go to message
Oh my
Clearly you favor sapiens. (I know you already said that)
The maruader doesn't suck. An artillery costs 50 more credits than a helicopter, but a helicopter can easily kill an artillery in two hits. Should we give the artillery five defense points?
No, maybe you should try using the artilleries range, so it can hit safely from a distance, you know, use its ability to your advantage.
Same with marauder. The marauder may lose if it and a speeder just started attacking each other, but this is because the maruader has other advantadges. And the Maruader fares pretty well agaisnt a swarmer...
Oh, and your sapien vs titans strategy sounds horrible. Very bad.
I don't believe the swarmers are the problem..
Sapiens vs kharleans is just, for now,(i hope) unbalanced, favoring the khraleans, but not too much.
Okay good your first good idea. The marine should be given a special ability or boosted back up to how it previously was to better even out s Vs k
But the update did not make mechas anymore powerful..whered you here that from...
And the update also didn't make marines completely suck, they just aren't as good. Two marines on mountains will still do pretty good damage to a swarmer, yes? I havent tried sicne the update though but I would think they sill do pretty good..
Dont bring halo reach into this..they're two completely different games...
This "marine armor lock" idea of yours is just..um, I'll just go with horrible..
Are you trying to balance SvK or completely give sapiens the advantage so even a noob like you can fare against these "unstoppable swarmers"?
The developers here have not just made this game worse from day one, they have made many improvements and yes, some mistakes that I'm sure they will work out in the end.
Any other good thoughts about balancing sapeins? Zalcore had thought of a marine ability that actually makes sense, I think he may have posted it somewhere one this forum..
Um no this wasn't helpful, not in the slightest.
Sorry, I tried to be nice but some of those ideas..
What's New in the Latest Updates » Uniwar Balance Change » Go to message
Haha! Uv doesn't go through the ground ;) Lol
Sorry khraleans here :D
I don't think every unit should have a smash of 2. Maybe ground heavies have smash of two and ground lights have smash of 1.
Btw emp on the go, I believe, would not be a good idea. At all.
Just imagine an engineer rush with maybe a tank or two. Or just marines as defense
General Discussion » Named and Shamed \o/ » Go to message
When the game went free and there was a crap load of noobs everywhere
The bots got their scores up pretty high
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