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General Discussion » It's been a minute... » Go to message
Meh if people are using a bots to reach 1600 I it wont really matter.
As soon as they play real people in the same category thier likely to drop a few anyway and have to adjust.
General Discussion » a friendly unrated challenge » Go to message
I'm Regard87 and mEnderlore
New Feature Request » rated user maps, not for long » Go to message
It was random rated.

Yeah I could try a more patient method but trying to outwait a Titan sounds like watching paint dry. I also would still give Titans the edge in any long slow play game. We'll see though.
New Feature Request » rated user maps, not for long » Go to message
I know this keeps getting discussed but I do wish the rating system was altered.

Just played a wide map, moutains forcing you thru a narrow channel, lots of starting money, 750 per turn.
I'm Kralean and my opponent is Titan. Tried to get pressure on him early, get Underlings across, send some Pinzers in for early pressure, etc etc.
My Pinzers were dead by Walker before crossing the halfway point.
I quit out of frustration. Probably wasnt in the best temperment for a rated game anyway but still annoying.
General Discussion » a friendly unrated challenge » Go to message
I've done this once before. Wasnt as much fun as I'd hoped but I'm game.
Bug Reports » quintus » Go to message
Ah that would make more sense I guess.
New Feature Request » Adding a new player once a player has declined » Go to message
That would be a great option!!

But just so you know you dont HAVE to delete it.
A game with an open spot will show up in the list, most likely some random player will hop in. If this happens you can start it. If not message someone that you know and tell them to find the game and fill that spot!
Bug Reports » quintus » Go to message
Why did they do away with five player maps? Two many teamups?
Sapiens » Beating Khralean Swarmer/Garuda rush with low credits » Go to message
What was the map? More info could be useful.

Spam marines and get them onto favorable terrain. Use them on terrain to knock down swarmers. Try and run a Marauder around to knock the Wyrm down cheaply.
Use a chopper behind your marines to take out swarmers but keep it completly out of Wyrm range.
Choppers as your main unit wont beat Krals or Titans. Too easier to counter with cheaper units.
User Generated Maps » Westeros (Game of Thrones map) » Go to message
I'm game if you start a new test match at some point.
Guides & Tips » Buried unit detection » Go to message
Random post is random.
New Feature Request » New Races » Go to message
People are a little too worried about balance IMO.
All three races are pretty well balanced now anyway.

New races or new units will take some time to balance out but would be entertaining. Meanwhile ranked matches could be made to go on without the additions until everything gets situated.

Whether its a couple new units per or new races idc but I would like to see the game expand to keep interesting.
New Feature Request » Improved replay » Go to message
yes that will be a great addition

both to use as a learning tool but also to mock my friends
New Feature Request » Naval Warfare » Go to message
The way I see it first just worry about adding another naval unit per race.

Then later on such a mode could be added and in that mode you have about 5 naval units, maybe access to your other units, maybe not.
A naval base unit, a naval light unit, and two heavys.

Im not neccassarily talking a mini game or anything totally seperate just different map types. I cant see anything that extreme being initiated seeing how long other things take. lol

No matter what another Naval unit or two, added Water tiles and possibly a Naval Base could be added to expand on the game and add some fun to water heavy maps.
New Feature Request » Naval Warfare » Go to message
Wanted to bring together a couple elements I've seen brought up with some of my own ideas.

Personally I dont play Naval Only battles, with only one unit each and some flight thier limited, boring and not real tactical IMO. I think we all agree another naval unit per race would be good. If each race had another naval unit and maybe Titans had some sort of flyer/skimmer unit that would expand on it.

However I think the game could be really expanded on if ALL Naval battles were given as much depth as land.

New Units
Added Sea Tiles
Naval Bases(Credit Bases)

With added units, sea tiles like rough, calm, shallow, stormy, and naval bases that bring credits this could be worked out.
In this case Id prefer to give each race more than just two naval units. My thinking is maybe they dont all need to be available in standard matches, just in Naval Only matches.
Or these Naval Bases could be the ones capable of creating all but the standard sea unit so that map makers could choose whether or not to include them.

The way I envision these sea battles going is that the Naval Bases have hit points, maybe 20, and you can choose to either capture them with a Naval Base unit getting thier income, or raze them. Each player starts out with the same number and the match is over when you've captured or destroyed all your enemies Naval Bases.

So each unit could get a base naval unit, like a marine on a skijet, a speeder/marauder type unit, and two large ones. They would have to be balanced as these all naval matches wouldnt have access to Choppers and Garudas/Swarmers.

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