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New Feature Request » Trade places of two units in a single turn » Go to message
This would be interesting, seems like it would be ideal for sapiens. All races could use it but saps involve the most shifting of units around IMO with attack&retreat of choppers and dual movement of marauders.

It would essentially be like castling in chess.
New Feature Request » Advanced Teamplay » Go to message
A common money mode and more than two teams both sound great.

Swapping units could be cool, I'd ALSO like to be able to swap bases. That might be a tough one to manage because you dont want teammates to be able to take your bases without asking, however I could see scenarios where it would be worth doing.
New Feature Request » Problem with same-side unit stealing » Go to message
Maybe you allow crosshealing but it only works +2 regarless of whether its an infector or engineer? To avoid allowing Tanks to heal +6?
(Although I'm not so sure that would be such a bad thing, as it would take teammates time to make it happen.)
Guides & Tips » Chess Proverbs for Uniwar Players » Go to message
Good write up.
The protecting your ranking thing holds true for me for sure. Since I stopped worrying about it and started playing more ranked random games my rankings actually gone up about 150 pts.
New Feature Request » team color » Go to message
The different shapes for color blindness could just be an option you turn on or off. Could just be a circle, star, square, oval, etc that paints the hex under the units. Good thought.
General Discussion » HELP ME » Go to message
You can always offer peace in some of the games, even write in the Chat that it set you up with way too many. Won't lose points that way and alot of people will probably ablige you.
New Feature Request » a few ideas(anti cheat,pm,sort games by map and race,replay) » Go to message
Would anyone have interest in a "Notepad" in 1v1s?

Basically I was thinking that just like theres a message window in Team games where you can speak to Team or Global in 1v1s there could be a Global or "Notepad" option.

Just a place for you to leave yourself reminders about strategy for when your playing alot of slow moving games. It would be useful if your trying to keep track of credits spent by your opponent. I've seen really good players mention that they do this but unless I carried a notebook around I'd never remember. lol

Not important but figured Id put it out there.
Sapiens » Should helicopters be buffed vs Titans? » Go to message
Agreed tanks can be used for that. Even Marauders are a good option to take shots at the Eclipse to protect your choppers.
I barely use choppers vs Titans, too easy to counter with eclipses. Sometimes I use them to try and get at or keep Walkers honest, mostly I use Marauders for that as well.

Also nerfing the Chopper in another stat shouldnt be considered, at least not for the purpose of affecting the Sap/Titan battle. You could ruin the Kral/Sap balance where Choppers are actually important.
Sapiens » Should the Battery be changed? » Go to message
Adding move after attack to the Battery would kinda fit with the feel of the Sapiens where you really want to plan things out meticulously because you have so much movement you can manage. It wouldnt really affect the range like stated above but in a way it would in a longterm sense. You'd want to have your next turn planned out or at least the general idea of what you want to accomplish next turn.
New Feature Request » Project Evolve-A Community Driven Evolution » Go to message
It would be nice if you could edit the name of a Map you created.

That way I could take a map that played out well, and is getting good ratings, and take the word "test" off that I like to use. Rather than try and get it rated again. Or if a map you create even had three statuses you could choose.
"In Work" "Test" and "Final" so people know.

Partially this was an issue because map publishing was screwed up and now one of my Test maps is rated, I would prefer it not say Test so people know its meant to be played now. Either way I prefer to test it for awhile before thinking its ready IMO.

I like the idea of added Sea Tile maps, that along with another vessel per race would really make Sea battles worth playing. Cavern and Roadway and Settlement tiles all have some potential if used sparingly.
Frequently Asked Questions » FFA: peace offer after some players are defeated » Go to message
Thanks! In that case we must just be waiting for the last guy to take his turn.
Bug Reports » My published maps won't appear in map list » Go to message
Good to know! I was wondering.
I'll be sure to delete half of mine once they reappear, many were meant to be test versions that didnt show up.
Frequently Asked Questions » FFA: peace offer after some players are defeated » Go to message
The two of you will divvy up the points from the two who are out.

Heres a question.
I started an 8 person game with some friends. We want to undo the game now as its taking too long and the teams dont look too fair.

If I offer peace do I have to sit on my turn or wait for 7 people to accept? Or should everyone continue to take thier turns while making sure to accept peace first. Does it end once 7 people have accepted? We want to get it out of the way. lol
General Discussion » Code of Conduct » Go to message
Id considered doing that.
In this case the actual creator copied the copy map, and wrote in the description that it was stolen from his. lol
He said it might seem kind of immature but was hoping it would get the point across.

Anyway if it were possible to allow only the creator to upload his own map I'd think it a worthwhile change. I dont see a purpose to uploading someone elses map other than to claim it as your own or edit it, in which case you could just make a similar map with your changes in mind.

Agreed though that its not much of an issue, just wanted to see what people thought.

Thanks for the reply.
New Feature Request » team color » Go to message
What would you do to differentiate between teammates units who are the same race?

I dont think the colors are an issue, once you've played enough team games you realise that the "cool" colors and the "warm" colors make up the teams.
Red, Orange, Yellow being warm with White thrown in.
Blue, Green, Teal, being the cool with Black thrown in.
Maybe team units could have some noticeable difference. A common decal color, outline color or base color with the accent being your original.

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