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General Discussion » What is accepted behaviour when one half of team is removed? » Go to message
^what he said.
this is why i stopped doing team matches. you can't always rely on your teammate, unless you are your only teammate.
General Discussion » Push notifications working!!! » Go to message
yeah, it hadn't been working for me for a while (bout a month i think), but it started working again last week. I was really happy. <-like this happy.
Titans » Titan vs Titan » Go to message
Maybe TheOwner is just terrible with swarmers (which i doubt) but i had good success with the mix, at least on this map. Yes, its probably different on some maps of different size, i just wanted to let people know that there might be a way.
here are some screenies from the second game:
Yes, i'm already winning at this point, but you get the idea.
Titans » Titan vs Titan » Go to message
Wow, i take back almost everything i said in the last post. swarmer spam is beatable if you catch it quick with garuda, and make sure to pull them back to heal before they die. also, building a pinzer or two can help, as they act like a good wall to help protect your healing units, and can attack swarmers decently if they get close enough. I dont think this would work so well if they had a chance to build up, and keep in mind this is against 100% swarmer.
General Discussion » Map Editor » Go to message
Yes, i know that there is already a thread about where to get the map editor, but in case you haven't noticed, it doesn't work anymore. I have already posted on that thread, as have a few other people, asking the devs if/when a new link will come online, but there is no response. So i would like to know: do the devs even look at this forum anymore? I understand that they have better things to do (like make uniwar2 for browser ) than read every post, but i would like to know the answer to this question. Will the map editor ever be released again??

sorry, i don't mean to sound so angry.

also, if anyone currently has the map editor, would they mind working with me to collect all the necessary pieces into one package that could be distributed separately? Of course, this is only if there wasn't some reason for the map editor to be retracted. Hackers, perhaps?
Titans » Titan vs Titan » Go to message
i just played a kvk against the_owner, and am currently playing another one. both of the games were played on desolate, and i won the first one (barely) because i managed to get a buried underling to his rear base. If i hadn't i probably would have been overcome by his swarm. spamming swarmers is the best way to play kvk, imo, which is unfortunate. of course, it is next to impossible to fix this, as the sort of "rock-paper-scissors" element that appears in all other games can't appear so much in a game where both sides have access to the exact same unit set.
New Feature Request » Take your turns from a browser. » Go to message
Yeah, thats been suggested before. I think it will be part of uniwar 2. I hope it will be all of uniwar 2.
General Discussion » Make Your Own Maps - How To Tutorial » Go to message
I'd just like to revive this dead topic. the link provided no longer works. is it no longer available, or has it been moved? I would really like to get into mapping.
New Feature Request » Buried Ant Suggestion » Go to message
Yeah, why don't we just go ahead and let the game control all of our moves. We could take all the time to figure out the best moves ourselves, but the computer can do it almost instantly. Having the computer choose our moves avoids having to think about what we should actually do.
Technical Support Questions » iPhone notifications broken? » Go to message
looks like I spoke too soon. they seem to be broken again. whatever you just changed, change it back.
Technical Support Questions » iPhone notifications broken? » Go to message
it just suddenly started working for me again. i hope it stays that way!
General Discussion » What would you do? » Go to message
From my first look at the situation (disregarding the results) i would say that this game is as close as you can get to a draw. with boths sides focusing so heavily (imho) on artillery, which is strong but can't attack after move, the game will become a stalemate until one side decides to make the first move. since sapiens have a credit advantage, they will eventually gain the upper hand through sheer force of numbers, but if i was titans i would ask for peace. if i was sapiens, it would depend mainly on my mood if i accepted peace or not.
Technical Support Questions » iPhone notifications broken? » Go to message
I have this issue too, after the last update (around two weeks now, i think?) and before seeing this thread i thought it was just a problem i was having (My ipod is jailbroken and i was messing around with daemons). I am using a 2g ipod running 3.1.2. As for all you people whining about the game being unplayable, its really not that bad. It doesn't make the game "bearly playable". Its not that bad to open up the app and look at your games, unless you play 3min games, in which case you deserve to lose.
However, is it bad enough to correct? yes.
New Feature Request » Terrain visibility » Go to message
This is a big one. It would add greatly to gameplay.
Toggles? it should definitely be used with FOW, regardless.
It should work almost exactly like mobility, except mountains give a sight bonus. You could also make standing on a forest decrease the sight, but i think that would make them too unfavorable to stand on. As it currently is, mountains are where you want to go already, so you should't add that much incentive. As for hiding units health and such, that sounds too complicated. How would that even work with the attack preview?
New Feature Request » Notepad » Go to message
In non-team matches, you should still be able to access the team chat, so you can use it as a sort of notepad by talking to yourself. I think this would be useful as I often see a certain move to make or have a certain strategy for each individual game. However, i usually forget them by the time my turn is up again, because i have been playing many other games. I hope this makes sense to people, because it sounds alot more garbled when i write it down.
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