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New Feature Request » A request for dullards like me... confirm peace acceptance? » Go to message
  q wrote: I notice a lot of people lately have been offering peace when they're about to lose. It's really not too cool in my opinion, because the nice guy in me wants to say sure, I accept.. But I know they're just doing it to keep from losing their own ratings and if the tables were turned I suspect they wouldn't accept peace themselves. Some of them have ratings a lot higher than their abilities would indicate so I think this little cheap trick tends to work.

I don't even care about ratings.. Actually I like my ratings lower, because I'm not ready to play people 1800+ even though I've been up near there... But this is just weaselly behavior.

Still, I kind of wish offer peace wasn't there... Either you play it out or you surrender, there should be a winner and a loser... But I know that won't happen.

Every now and then you get a stalemate that would be boring to finish. Peace is good for that. A confirm dialogue would be good though.
General Discussion » Done with Uniwar until they fix the game » Go to message
  Anonymous wrote: here are my reasons for quitting uniwar:

i'm tired of...

- flipping through 10 pages to find the game i want. either return me to the last page i was on before joining a game, or give me some kind of search filter so i can quickly/easily find the games i want to play.

- flipping through 20 maps to get to the map i want to set up. instead, i'd like to see thumnails of all maps on a single scrollable page and only show a larger preview of the map when i tap on it.

- the single random factor per round, instead of per attack.

- not being able to set a minimum rating requirement when setting up a game.

- not being able to deny an invite.

- not being able to invite someone else to fill a spot abandoned by another player.

- late chat messages from my teammate that arrive after i've made a move.

- the skip player feature. skipping should only be allowed after round 3. in rounds 1-3, the player should be kicked, so the teammate(s) remaining can abandon the game without affecting his score.

- not being able to undo any non-attack action (heal, bury)

- broken 1v1 maps where the first player will almost always win (forest walk, too close, scramble, gold rush, green valley, mercury, etc.)

some "nice to have" features i'd like to see implemented:

+ push notifications.

+ a monthly ladder with token medals awarded to top players which can then be seen in their profile. this would be a better indicator of experience than an ongoing single score. starting anew monthly would prevent players from reaching a certain level, then never playing again just so they don't risk losing their rank.

+ ability to see a full game replay when the game is finished (good for learning, as well as exposing cheaters)

+ ability to take over a kicked players pieces by the next teammate.

fix all these issue and maybe we'll come back to uniwar.

These are all excellent suggestions for improvement, but IMHO very trivial reasons to quit playing. No one really cares if you quit, it just makes you sound petulant.
General Discussion » About the Recent Unit Balancing Changes... » Go to message
How about we remember to say 'thank you' for the devs continuing to improve the game, rather than just whine about very minor issues?

I think the updates are awesome.

I think scaling back the Pinzer air attack is good too, because I was worried this would unbalance things too far the other way.
General Discussion » Done with Uniwar until they fix the game » Go to message
  Anonymous wrote: Frankly I can't believe the Uniwar team let ONE complaining guy lead them to make all these changes. I discuss this game on a gaming forum (and play with those people) where we have dozens and dozens of people playing and we all thought the game was fun and balanced. We were glad to see the helicopter go from +2 to +1 repair and slightly less powerful, but when you release so many changes at once you alienate your player base as they have to relearn the intricacies of the game.

Rather annoying. Another example of the forum effect ... the most vocal complainers are who the devs listen to, not the large fanbase that actually gives them money to make their game successful.

Which gaming forum? There was lots of discussion about it here, and the majority by far agreed that Saps were OP.

The game was clearly not perfectly balanced, as a majority of players, and especially top players were playing Saps (and winning disproportionately). The changes may not be perfect but they are good. Continually evolving balance is even better. It stops the game getting stale, and makes it continually approach perfect balance.
New Feature Request » Buried Underlings are too strong in mass..... » Go to message
Its slow, boring,

I'm sorry but if you don't like a slow buildup, you are playing the wrong race.

and means that you are vulnerable to other types of attacks.

...right. Like the air, wrym and pinzer attacks you easily nail with your walkers and eclipses?

On other maps Titans get killed by the underling spam before they can build up.

Is that how I just got mauled by a thedon on Chato Hill? Plasma tanks + assims + speeders seemed to do the trick just fine. He didn't even bother with walkers!

The problem is that Titans simply have no good answer vs. underling spam.

I've given you several that you already use very effectively. What answer to Khrals have against captured underling spam?

I agree 100% that Khrals should in general be made a little stronger in other areas.

Then perhaps you should suggest these changes along with the ones you make which would weaken the race further.

General Discussion » Thank you for the balance changes! » Go to message
Hi Uniwar team.

I just wanted to say a big thank you for all the balance changes today. They are in the right direction! Not sure if they go too far, not far enough, or just right yet, but it sure will be fun figuring it out!

Thanks again.
New Feature Request » Buried Underlings are too strong in mass..... » Go to message
I'm sorry but you're just not correct.

Buried underlings are not so easy to use, as they can't move and attack, are slow, and are easily killed once they resurface. They sacrifice mobility and vision for one shot killing power and protection.

Titans can easily deal with them by surrounding walkers with Mecha and Assimilators. When the Underlings pop up, they simply get captured by the Assimilators, then any remnants get nailed by the Walkers, massed UV, and retaliation from the Mecha. It takes two or more buried underlings to kill a Mecha, and they both get damaged - leaving them vulnerable to counterattack. This means the Titan can often kill two underlings for every Mecha he loses. And the icing on the cake is that captured underlings can then be used by the Titan player to block further underground attacks.

So Titans have very good methods to defeat a Khral player using buried Underlings. They don't need anything else. The reason there are fewer Titans in the top ranks is mainly because they require patience rather than spam heli = win

I know at least you lion37 knows all this too well, so I'm not sure why you keep pushing for such changes. Letting UV hurt buried underlings, for example, would be quite unbalancing. And yet you've said yourself that Khrals are underpowered!

New Feature Request » UV blasts should hurt buried underlings » Go to message
  lion37 wrote: Hachiman,

I assure you I did not post that request just to change the balance in our current game.
Do you honestly think that I care so much about the outcome of 1 single game that I would ask for the entire game rules to be changed just for that??

No, I do not. I'm not at all suggesting that you are.

I am suggesting that you are complaining about a trivial game element because you've discovered it's a little hard to deal with, despite the fact it works as designed and is not unbalancing.

Should I suggest that Swarmers should have a range of 3 because I can't close range with Walkers easily in one turn, and that makes them hard to deal with? The point is both Walkers and Underlings, used correctly should be hard to deal with.

And I feel filling up the board with trivial and unnecessary requests means the real issues with the game are more likely to get lost in the clutter.

I don't mean to have a go at you personally, I see you are genuine, I just think your perspective has been a bit skewed from getting the short end of the stick with Titans, and so I disagree with you.

Titans vs Khrals is way more balanced than Titans vs Saps, and so shouldn't be messed with, at least until the latter is fixed.

New Feature Request » UV blasts should hurt buried underlings » Go to message

I don't think just because something is frustrating you in a current game is a fair reason to ask that it be changed.

For example, like in the game we are having now, of course buried underlings are going to get used against Titans. However the fact that our game is quite even, with you probably having the advantage shows that there is no need for such changes. You already get to capture them with your assims as soon as they pop up... that's advantage enough.

If Titans were given better options against buried underlings, it would certainly unbalance Khral / Titan match ups.

Save the suggestions for things that really matter, like EMP spam.
New Feature Request » Request ... unbalanced multiplayer maps » Go to message
It'd be nicer still to be able to make our own maps ... which could be rated for balance (out of five stars?) by other players...
What's New in the Latest Updates » v1.0.4 iPhone » Go to message
This is a great update guys. Lots of little things are just way more polished. Keep up the good work!
New Feature Request » POLL- Skip, Kick or Both? » Go to message
Registered players in games with 1 hour turns or less should get 1 skip before getting kicked, at their opponents discretion.

Anon players and longer games should just get kicked for missing a turn, at their opponents discretion.
New Feature Request » Helo nerf - how do you guys feel about it? » Go to message
  lion37 wrote: Here is an interesting idea. Change the Titan Eclipse so it can shoot 3 hexes away instead of just 2. That way eclipses will be able to shoot back at Heli's that attack and retreat.

This might work if the 3 range was ONLY vs air units (which makes some sense since you can see things in the air from further away). Otherwise it would make an eclipse almost into a wyrm, and very scary vs ground light units as well as heli's.

New Feature Request » EMP spam - new proposal » Go to message
It would only work to limit spam if EMP was move OR fire ASWELL as this proposal....
New Feature Request » Helo nerf - how do you guys feel about it? » Go to message
I believe it is very true that in rebalancing the Heli, you need to be VERY careful about their match up with Garuda's.

At the moment this match up is very well balanced IMHO. The Heli is more expensive, but two Heli's can kill a Garuda in one round, and it is more mobile. However the Garuda is cheaper, and can heal better by itself, giving it more gang up bonuses and endurance.

This means whoever plays better will generally win. If you upset this balance, it could be catastrophic to Sap vs Khral matches...

This is one of the reasons why I talked about Improving Titans vs Saps in the past, stead of messing with the Heli itself. perhaps that is still a better answer. Khral vs Sap seems at least close to balanced at the moment to me...
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