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General Discussion » System error bless you » Go to message
This post could actually be sung with 5/4 tempo. More or less.
UniWar: Origins » All races explained fan-fiction » Go to message
Wow, long time no see!
I like where this went guys. Must add sth to it in a short time...
General Discussion » New Race Ideas » Go to message
Race - pepperoni pizzarians


1) the cake - tank-like unit.
Defence - 11
Attack vs light/amphibia/flying - 2
Attack vs water - 10
Attack vs heavy - 7

The cake is designed to cover from the outside more fragile ingredients.

2) the CHEESE - amphibia type
Sth like swarmer.
defence - 0
Attack ranged 1-3
Attack vs light/amphibia 3
Attack vs others 4.
Movement helluva to go str8 for these nasty anti-abortion cake eaters.
/Edit anti-tank for goddam. Autocorrect, that's not even a joke/
3) the SAUSE - basic type, 100 gold
Defence - like underling, I don't remember
Attack vs.... oh hell I dunno. Make it so universal that the SAUSE would be everywhere, ok? EVERYWHHHERE!!!

4) the PEPPERONI - burns twice, artilery
Like special ability uhm... Oh I know, explodes after death, that fits.
Expensive. It is, believe me.

Simply delicious. Marauder type. Because you always want to have another move with it.

6) BASIL - healer. Infector type (300)
There's not really basil leaves on a pepperoni, so it kinda fits that it's a unit nobody builds anyway, right?

7) UNEXPECTED undersause pepperoni:
Submarine, really nasty. Also explodes, but no one knows. Because explosions underwater arent so spectacular.

wait, how many units does races have? Uhm infantry check, healer check, amphi check, 250 check, tank check... Ooh, I know.
just copy the helicopter stats and make the picture cooler. Like APACHE cool.

9) the boat - you wouldn't afford it anyway, so I won't bother to mention.
Cost - 9000
Can cap bases, flies, defence - like, with gangup +3 maybe plasma could deal 1 hp, maybe not.

The general strategy towards any race would be to keep the cake at the outside, then double line it with cheese, then sink everything with SAUSE and some more cheese, and add an occasional pepperoni and salami from time to time.
Bake it for 15-20 turns on a 250-350 unicoins oven and you're ready to go.

General Discussion » h o s t i l e - e n v i r o m e n t » Go to message
/just a dreamy stuff, never gonna happen, ignore me. Thanks for prime carrot and duaneski for inspirations/

new game mode - hostile enviroment
-> Its a classic 1v1 game with 3rd player = bot.
-> Also possible 1v1 game with 3rd+4th players as bots.
-> both indended to be available at ranked and tourney plays.
-> The bots use only one race, a new one, consisted of only 3 units.
-> The "bases" of bots are impossible to conquer. If bots win, it's a draw.

/ This means bots act only as a distraction with a little of randomness added to a game. Also provides players with a totally new important ability to understand bots movements (as for now, like bots attack closest units, go towards bases and always hit the most 'profitable' expensive units. But now this understanding of the 'hostile enviroment' is not important and doesnt affect rank at all...)
Plus it allows us to fight with 3 additional enemies, in my head it sounds like fun /

/concept art/

Concept units:

1) space mold
Amphibious. Movement - 1 tile/rd. Cost 0, so how many bases, that many space molds can bot create. Weak melee attack and weak-average defence, but can cap bases.
Kinda just 'annoy me' unit that if left unchecked for too long, significantly limits the space to perform an actual attack towards player2.
2) ectoplasm
Same, but can be created only from time to time (so cost like 150-300). Ranged attack and stronger defence.
To get some azz of ranged units, plus to give that sense of a tiny danger.
-daaaanger zooone!-
3) toxic gas
Flying, so can get you anywhere. Can't attack, only move, but while attacked even via distance, deals some nice damage. Can NOT cap bases. Also made from time to time.
Or... Psionic gas. Is that even a thing...
Basically 'ignore me forever'. In my mind it's the one of three units that actually make defence harder, as it'd hit less healable races.

Thanks guys, it was fun.

/edit: also for balance issues I guess the proper thing for all enviroment units is "sphere of control = off"
General Discussion » Grand Mapmaking Contest 2018 » Go to message
Ok, the judgement starts today
General Discussion » Grand Mapmaking Contest 2018 » Go to message

..I created the 'grandmapchallenge' account. He likes all the map in the contest so far, I mean... It's a list.
Also welcome new people in jury squad.
Oh, and thanks for moose for being a sheriff and sims for opening the bank. If you know wha I mean.
General Discussion » Dial 1-800-UNIWAR to make a donation » Go to message
So I saw recently that a lot of people dig up old topics so I figured you'll like this one as well.
You're welcome.
General Discussion » The Random Damage Factor » Go to message
Nice tinfoil theories.
Well the races can't be balanced without randomized damage.
Plus it's boring.
General Discussion » Grand Mapmaking Contest 2018 » Go to message
Ok guys, the contest is oficially entry fee - free now, everyone can win the prize!
General Discussion » ARTISTS! Head here to earn some unicoins, and help to update » Go to message
Hey laugh at me, go ahead, but honestly I'd very much appreciate kind of these simplified military satellite something something maps.

General Discussion » Grand Mapmaking Contest 2018 » Go to message
-comment section-

Ok guys, so I'm still working out the best formula for the judges part. Let me know what you think. Here is how I imagine that to date:
- a judge doesn't need to play through all of maps
- only the average sum counts, so I'd say at least half of judges should play a map, so if we will have 8-10 test members, a minimum is 4-5.
- the most abnormal vote (or two) falls off, no matter too high or too low comparing to others, so the most average scores count (3 of 5 would be nice)
- of course judges can play with anyone, not only among themselves
- a small sum of encouragement would be cool, but it'd slightly lower the prize sums, so I really dunno
- from the maps playing hard for top3, a final 2 weeks of the contest should be a 'round 2', with all judges focusing only on let's say top5 maps from 1v1 and 2v2
- if someone really loves some map, he could boost it up a bit with the golden ticket (from 1000 points I'd say about 20-30 bonus points per judge, depends on how many judges I guess

Plus I'd like to ask, mostly the patrons, the following: should we do it as for now, with 1v1 and 2v2 separately, or maybe only 1v1 now and 2v2 later with the other contest?

  Prime Carrot wrote:Aw I can't be a judge. Contest looks good though, you have my support

thanks bud! well you can still just participate right
General Discussion » Grand Mapmaking Contest 2018 » Go to message
List of patrons:
- developers of uniwar!
- me
- miamimoose
- eikonoklastes
- masteryoda
- J₣₣₱79
- Simsverd

List of judges:
- me
- miamimoose
- the impaler (for 1v1)
- duaneski
- masteryoda
- simsverd
- gunfighter
- overkill
- lkasr
[pm me to sign your name up!]

Again the live score sheet:
General Discussion » Grand Mapmaking Contest 2018 » Go to message
Who wins?
- top 3 maps from 1v1 contest and top 3 from 2v2 contest.
- 22 of April 23.59 london time (sunday)
Who judges the maps:
- a group of judges listed below. Do you want to be a judge? PM me before the deadline. 2200+ highest rank required. Most surely prize for participation. Not sure yet. Let me know in the comments what do you think. <-------

- every map must be scored (average) at least 6.5/10 balance points
- it must be a classical or CTF map, without race restrictions, able to make it to the ranked pool
- then, the importance is the following [multiplication factor]
* dynamics (the less likely is the build-up gameplay, the better) - 8*
* tactical plurality (understood as variability of gameplay and vastness of units every race can use. For example, semi-water maps would be higher here than all-land ones) - 8*
* balance of races (sapiens, titans, khrals all have more or less similar chances on a map) - 7*
* balance of players (P1 has same chances as P2, and in 2v2 - team 1 same as team 2) - 6*
* design - 4*
As for design - it's the least important one, though it's best if your map is A) plain and simple. Those we remember the most - kinda classy looking. And not TOO big, that probably too. B) original C) nice looking.
Live sheet with scores (now with only examples)
General Discussion » Grand Mapmaking Contest 2018 » Go to message

Welcome ladies and gentlemen! Uniwarriors and uniladies! Welcome to the great mapmaking tournament! The wonderful show of great hopes being crushed, where the weak ones die in horrible pain and the great ones live forever, rich and forever remembered! And believe me, after all of it, after all the years to come, when our apps will stop working, we'll sit comfortably on a wheelchair, with a grandsons on our knees and warmy fireplace behind our back, we'll all go back to this place and go 'oooH DAM MY BACK I FORGOT WHAT I WAS MEANT TO SAY!... ah, oh. Oh. So THIS IS where all of these legendary maps came from...!'

The rules are simple:
- SUBMIT YOUR 1v1 and 2v2 map (one each) for FREE
- (want to boost your chances? You can pay 200 unicoins to post additional map)

- Make a map* (map specifics below)
- at the start of your map write [GMC-18] (for example '[GMC-18] dread monk')
- PM me the link to the map. Or maps.

Current pool prize - 8300 unicoins + from entry fees. And growing.
General Discussion » EnnuiGoblinGames Season 3! » Go to message
Great you're back gobbles sire.


Do it as the logic commands.
Tourney/event videos: true emotions and live commentary is an absolute neccesity. This is like the fighting pitt and you are the great entertainer, cheering the crowd and unleashing all the emotions. Bonus info: all the 'free bonuses' or balance talk or whatever makes people less focused and annoyed because the video goes from 60 minutes to 2,5 hours. Surely you can interact with the live chat, but that should be limited as well.
+ if you really really love live streams, then game talks with guest visitor and focus on chat is definitely nice, I'd myself gladly participate, but won't ever ever watch it afterwards...

Everything else: one separate match analisys, tactical talks etc., should be heavily edited. HEAVILY. The more graphical 'touch', (like these famous legia's range lines and arrows, are G-R-E-A-T), more views.
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